8 Signs He Won’t Be Hearing From You Again

There is no conversational chemistry
What does it mean to have conversational chemistry? It actually means that you have something to talk about.

When your conversation flows and there’s simply no room for awkward moments of silence, you know you have conversational chemistry.

But if the majority of your time together was filled with awkward silence, he’s probably not going to get back to you.

Constant arguments
It’s perfectly understandable that people have their own opinions on certain topics, and in that case, contradiction becomes inevitable.

But if there are constant arguments between the two of you, even on the most trivial topics, it’s obvious that you’re disconnected. In that case, you shouldn’t expect him to contact you again.

You said something wrong (or he did)
Your date was pretty satisfying to a point where you said something wrong (or he did). It carried this awkward silence, which lasted for a minute or more, and you didn’t know how to escape the awkward situation.

The moment you said it, you knew your date was going to end badly, and you saw it in his eyes. Despite that, you still had hope that he would get back to you, even though deep down, you really knew he wouldn’t.

He starts talking about how busy he is
If you have let him know that you would like to meet him again, and the moment you said it, he immediately started mentioning how busy he is.

Then you know he’s just making excuses so he won’t feel guilty about getting back to you. Making excuses is closely linked to him not being interested in a second date. It’s his way of saying it, in a polite way.

He’s not really interested in your life and he doesn’t tell you much about his
If a guy is not interested in your life, your preferences, hobbies, job, friends, family and everything else, he is not really interested in getting to know you better.

If he refuses to tell you about his life, it also means that he is strongly trying to keep a distance between you, because he is probably only interested in you for one night.

He’s late and he doesn’t warn you about it
If he knew he was going to be late and he didn’t tell you about it, it means that he deliberately decided not to care about you and how you feel about it.

His intentions are definitely not to be trusted, and you certainly shouldn’t waste your time sitting by the phone waiting for him to get back to you.

He spends more time looking around the room than at you
If you’re wondering how to figure out a guy who’s just looking to get laid, just look at his behavior when you’re in a public place.

Does he look around a lot and have a hard time concentrating on you? If yes, it means he’s not interested in spending time with you, his only intention is to get inside your pants.

And if he doesn’t contact you again, you should consider yourself lucky.

He walks in front of you on your date.
If a guy obviously avoids walking next to you or avoids holding hands with you, it’s a sign that he’s trying to be “invisible”.

He walks in front of you because he obviously doesn’t want to be seen on another date with you. And he won’t get back to you, so as not to ruin his future potential dates with other women.