Scientists Tell Us: Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Finding the right one can be a long road filled with boring dates, mismatches and disappointment. If you’re tired of this, there are actually scientific ways to make someone fall in love with you. Here are 8 tips from the scientists!

Be environmentally aware
According to a 2014 US study, people who shop for eco-friendly and organic goods are perceived as more attractive as life partners. However, if you’re looking for a shorter relationship, shop for luxury goods. According to the same study, people who prefer expensive and luxurious goods are perceived as physically attractive and suitable for shorter, no-strings-attached relationships.

Are you a woman? Play hard to get!
Women who play hard to get are perceived as more attractive by men. Canadian psychology students concluded this in 2014 after a speed-dating experiment. The downside was that you couldn’t tell if the man was already interested. In the test, this was defined as the man himself having chosen to talk to the woman and thus showing some interest. So if you know a man is a little interested in you, you may benefit from playing hard to get – but you’ll need other means to hook him completely, the same study shows.

Exude pride or joy – depending on your gender
According to a study by the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Canada, women and men were found to be attracted to different facial expressions.

Women who radiated joy and happiness were the most attractive to men. Those who radiated pride were at the bottom of the list.

On the contrary, women considered men who radiated pride to be the most desirable, while men who radiated happiness were the least attractive.

Are you a man? Be a bit mysterious
In 2011, psychologists at Harvard University in the US conducted a study of women’s attraction to men based on whether the men had indicated that they were interested in women before. The experiment involved three groups of women being presented with a collection of pictures of men.

The first group of women were told that the men had seen the women’s Facebook profiles before and found them attractive. The second group was told the same story but that the men had seen the women as “average”. The third group was shown the pictures of the men without knowing the men’s reaction to the women beforehand and these women found the men significantly more attractive than the other women.

Touching the body
Not like in training, but gesture when you talk. Make sure you use your body when you communicate! According to a 2016 study by the University of California, Berkeley in the US, both found people with an open posture significantly more attractive than those with a closed posture. It was also seen that people on speed-dating categorically preferred to go on a second date with a partner who had actively used their body when talking.

Get a dog
having a dog makes a man more attractive to women. 100 women were asked to read short descriptions of different men without seeing what they looked like. All the men described as dog owners were rated as more attractive, caring and had higher potential to be a long-term partner than the remaining men.

However, you don’t have to own a dog to be considered more attractive, just having one available is enough. In a French psychology experiment from 2008, researchers had a 20-year-old guy walk up to strange women on the street, show interest in them and ask for their phone numbers. He then did the same with a dog by his side. Not unexpectedly, it was in the scenario where the guy had a dog with him that he got a positive response and significantly more phone numbers.