We live in hectic times, where it’s easy to focus on everyday worries at the expense of the people around us.

If you’ve been feeling this way, you might want to show your lover that you’re there for them, no matter how troubled the last few months have been. Maybe his birthday was three months ago, and your relationship anniversary was celebrated on a winter’s day. Not to mention that there are a good few months until Christmas.

Is that a problem? On the contrary: a gift without any calendar occasion will impress much. Just think, after a long day at work, he’s only expecting a few hours off, at the end of which he’ll be resting. But what if he gets a gift that crowns your affection for him as soon as he’s home (or goes home)?

Plexiglas plaques
The elegant format of this gift also makes it an excellent ornament to put on his bedside table. That way, he’ll remember every day how much the relationship you’ve built means to you. You can choose a plaque with a standard shape or, why not, one that resembles a heart. On the 15 x 18 cm surface, you have complete freedom to personalize… and it’s not just about your names. If an original message seems to you to capture your relationship better, you can suggest it in the order of details, and it will become a reality!

Unique frames
They’re also made from Plexiglas, allowing you to insert a photo representing you. The image accompanying the text (again, entirely up to you) will only underline the love you want to express. A snapshot from your relationship is more than just immortalizing a moment; it symbolizes everything you’ve experienced together.

Writing sets
Think about why you admire your lover. Indeed the professionalism and elegance they can show come to mind. What better way to bring out these qualities than with an exquisite rosewood writing set? The pen bears a message that can be altered to your liking. You can inscribe her name or initials on the included pen and pencil, so every time she has to deal with official documents or jot down information, she’ll take a moment to think about how much she means to you.

One of our strongest desires is to be recognized for our merits, both professional and personal. On a practical level, you can aim for a trophy – that way; your loved one will always know how much you appreciate their efforts and qualities. As with other gifts, the details can be chosen by yourself. Only the shape of the trophy is fixed – you have complete freedom to express your feelings.

So whether it’s a festive occasion or not (and even more so if it’s not), you have the opportunity to surprise your partner with gifts made especially by you and especially for them.