The Biggest Mistake You Made In 2021, Depending On Your Sign

2021 was a difficult year, and certainly each of us made a few unwise moves. Where do you think you went wrong last year?

Most of the time we are not aware of the mistakes we make, but awareness helps us make better decisions in the future. It doesn’t matter if last year was good or bad for you – and you probably made at least one mistake you’d like to fix. Find out what that one is, based on the sign you were born under (and if you don’t believe in the zodiac, at least you’ll be amused for a few minutes):

Even if you’re the kind of person who listens to your heart before anything else, this past year has brought you a few problems. Acting impulsively and instinctively isn’t always the most inspired move. I’m not telling you to ignore your heart, I’m telling you to weigh your decisions a little more before you act.

Your biggest mistake was constantly doubting yourself. You didn’t trust yourself and gave up on some things you could have easily achieved because you didn’t believe in yourself enough. In 2022, I hope you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way – don’t be afraid of failure, because it’s part of life.

Removing people from your life who are hurting you is a good choice. However, in 2021 you’ve distanced yourself from people who didn’t deserve it and who you wish you had by your side. In 2022 you can choose to “heal” certain friendships that are good for you and let go of toxic people.

Probably the biggest mistake you made in 2021 was repressing your emotions. Your emotional pain grew until you felt you couldn’t cope. In 2022, confront all your emotions, even the ones you don’t like and don’t want to process. You are stronger than you think.

You expect a lot from yourself, and this is the trait that propels you to success. However, in 2021 you were hard on yourself and criticized yourself when you didn’t reach your goals. Above all, you need to accept your limitations, rest and be gentle with yourself.

In 2021 you’ve been overthinking things. Obsessive thoughts stole your peace of mind and prevented you from living in the present. In 2022 avoid over-analyzing people and situations and try to let yourself go with the flow. Accept the things you can’t control and you will be infinitely happier.

In 2o21 you let an extraordinary opportunity slip through your fingers – either in your love life or in your professional life. You were afraid to listen to your instincts and missed out. Regrets won’t help, though, so pull yourself together and do your best in 2022 – make decisions without fear and learn to take them on.

You’ve given your heart to the wrong person. You’ve misjudged someone, and it’s brought you tears and heartache. In 2022, make sure you don’t allow toxic people into your life. Prioritize peace and quiet, and you’ll find that everything will become easier.

You didn’t put yourself first last year. You prioritized people for whom you were just the “backup plan” instead of thinking about yourself and your needs. In 2022 allow yourself to be selfish once in a while – it’s not a bad thing.

You gave second chances to people who weren’t worthy of them. Your ability to forgive is wonderful, but not everyone you forgive deserves to stay in your life. You can forgive a person while separating yourself from them permanently – sometimes that’s the best solution for you.

You haven’t found the strength to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. You’ve been hard on yourself, judgmental and haven’t offered love and understanding. You have a very strong self-awareness, an admirable thing, but sometimes it drags you down. Learn to forgive yourself as you forgive others.

Your good nature has thrown up a few obstacles for you in 2021. You allowed some people to break your heart for a second time, and now you’re obsessively thinking about it. Learn to be kind to others as you stand up for yourself and decide what’s best for you.