Look at things differently, and you’ll realize how strong you are.
Sometimes the Universe teaches us some painful but essential lessons. Some are about love, some are about breaking up, and some are to help us connect the dots so we can figure things out.

Among many lessons is our perspective and attitude towards people who come in and out of our lives. We all have that group of people who have impacted us in one way or another, who have come and knocked on our soul’s door, with whom we’ve had a wonderful time, but who have left in the strangest and most challenging way possible, shaking our soul and making us wonder what we did wrong to hurt them in such a way.

Don’t keep people in your life who shouldn’t stay.
Some people only come into your life for a certain period: a few moments, a few days, a few months, or even a few years. Their purpose is to teach you important lessons, to be part of your growth process, and, as soon as they complete their mission, to continue on their way.

And no matter how hard you try to protect your heart from such people, life won’t let you – because you have no way of knowing why these people end up on your path. Nor do you know whether they are here for a short time or to stay for good.

Enjoy the experience, learn your lessons and move on with your life
One of the most complex and important things to know in life is that you can’t control almost anything. What you can control, however, is how you respond to everything around you. Therefore, learn to enjoy the experience and try to retain the essential lessons.

Maybe the people who frustrate you come into your life to help you learn to be more patient.

Maybe violent people come into your life to teach you how important it is to be strong for yourself.

Maybe the wrong partners come into your life to teach you how it feels to find the right one.

Maybe the wrong friends come into your life to encourage you to look for the right ones. They are there to show you everything you are not and wish you were.

Some people come into your life to cheer you up for a while, but others will be there with you for the whole journey. No matter what, you learn to enjoy the trip you are on.

Live genuinely, appreciate beautiful people, feel the weight of your sadness when someone leaves and discover the important lessons they have left you.

How many times have we not had to fail to learn the right things? How often haven’t we trusted the wrong people before realizing that we have to rely solely on our intuition? Stop blaming the people around you. Instead, learn that your most significant strength is your attitude.

Choose to be grateful to everyone who has come your way because each one has come for an excellent reason: to empower you and help you become the best version of yourself.