12 things that should not be allowed in a relationship, for love

  • What not to allow in a relationship? Avoid all kinds of aggressions towards the other person

The truth is that, although there is no clear answer, there are some that come close to the truth. In sentimental relationships, there are attitudes that can be categorized as toxic. These are harmful to people’s physical and mental health. No to aggressions, for you were united by love.

If suddenly, your partner begins to attack you physically or verbally, then it is synonymous with toxicity. And this is one of the things that should not be allowed in a relationship. What you have to do, to help him and for your sake, is to end the relationship. If you are not wanted, love yourself.

  • If you don’t trust your partner, break up the relationship so that you don’t continually fall into chronic jealousy

One thing you should not allow in a relationship is mistrust. It is normal that, at some time or opportunity, one of the parties in the couple has felt a little jealousy. It is a natural feeling and is part of everyone. Most likely you have felt insecure.

There are cases where the other person begins to be jealous of the other person’s everything. Trust is lost and the environment becomes all toxic and opposite to peaceful. You must get away from this situation. Get away and get over yourself, otherwise you will repeat that kind of relationship.

  • Emotional blackmail cannot be allowed in a relationship because it sabotages love

It can also happen that one of the parties has an attitude of emotional blackmail with his partner. This refers to those kinds of threats that arise and hide behind rather complicated emotional problems. Emotional blackmail does not allow love to flourish.

When your partner tries to blackmail you, it will be because you are against his position. But these things should not be allowed in a relationship. It will affect you as much as the person who needs professional help. It is important that you are clear about what cannot be allowed in a relationship.

  • Disrespect for your privacy should not be allowed in a healthy relationship

Something that must be understood is that it does not matter that they are a couple, both can count on a private life. It’s not about keeping secrets. It is simply not necessary to tell everything if it is not relevant. You cannot allow your partner to have a right to your privacy.

However, it can also happen that this privacy is lost. One partner feels the right to be able to review all personal aspects of the other partner. There is no respect for privacy or personal life. In this situation the relationship loses its charm and slowly dies.

  • Don’t let them destroy your self-esteem just because your partner wants to feel superior to you

Having your partner minimize you by lowering your self-esteem is something that should not be allowed in a relationship. This is another key point of the relationship. It is one of the things that should not be allowed in a relationship. We are talking about the destruction of the self-esteem of the other person you claim to love.

This is a completely toxic and dangerous attitude. The couple usually despises the other party in every way. It is not only with words, but also with certain actions. They often even ignore the person in order to hurt him/her. Emotional manipulation is very harmful.

  • No type of abuse should be allowed in a relationship that wants to progress

Only when there is clarity about what you can and cannot afford in a relationship will you be able to make progress. It has always been mentioned that no type of aggression should be allowed, neither physical nor verbal. It is important that we emphasize this point, because people often suffer under the premise of being loved.

Toxic people who blackmail others with the excuse of a false and non-existent love, are dangerous. For this reason, no type of mistreatment should be allowed. Nothing that negatively affects mental, physical or emotional health.

  • Vices are very harmful and can negatively affect both parties

Vices are like a silent enemy from which we are not alarmed until it is too late. It is a very important point too and one that people do not understand. The problem with vices is that they are addictive, whether they are substances or activities. Sooner or later it will take its toll on the relationship.

If one of the partners has an addiction, it will eventually affect both of them. Not only can they be acquired, but the environment becomes violent and unhealthy. Reflect on those harmful habits you have as one of the things that should not be allowed in a relationship.

  • Little lies do a lot of damage to a loving relationship

Some people say that a loving relationship is maintained by the lies that are told and the truths that are silenced. Even if this were true, at some point, we wouldn’t be talking about healthy couples but about potential bombs to go off at any moment.

We are all entitled to our privacy and individuality. Being honest does not mean singing about absolutely everything that is yours. Because everything is also your own interpretation. But we have to be sincere and honest with ourselves and with everything that has to do with the relationship.

  • Unhealthy jealousy cannot be allowed in a relationship

A jealous person is necessarily an insecure person and also one with many expectations that his partner has to make him happy. Getting jealous can be a compliment or a compliment in some positive circumstance. But to constantly repeat it in a negative way is very toxic.

  • When we start to disregard something about our partner, it is the beginning of the end

When you think about what should not be allowed in the relationship, reflect on your own thoughts and attitudes. If something comes up that you don’t like about your partner, solve it yourself. Believing that you are right about something and disregarding something about your partner is a sign that something is wrong. It doesn’t have to be all to your liking, you have to be more tolerant.

  • If you constantly criticize your physical appearance, it is time to change your life

How many times did they look at each other and swear love? But things change, but they don’t have to change against each other. You can get fat, you can put on excessive make-up, you can become a drinker, and so on. But what are they doing with love? That’s what really matters. If there is contempt, love is long gone, but it can come back.

  • Giving up for love is something that cannot be allowed in a relationship

It’s normal that some things you like to do don’t please your partner. But something your partner doesn’t like, and there’s nothing wrong with that, doesn’t mean you should quit. You don’t have to please your partner by giving up those things you love, even those things you love little. Giving up something good is not a test of love.

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