The first step to happiness and true love is learning to love yourself!

Any journey outward begins with an inward journey. And the journey to love, “true” love as you call it, in relationship with other people, begins with the first step you take towards loving yourself. You cannot love another being until you love yourself.

Be more aware of the sensations in your body
When you feel peaceful, balanced, focused, happy and when you think and act out of self-love. But also when you feel depressed, unhappy, i.e. when you don’t love yourself.

Stop acting without love.
Take a break, breathe, drink a fragrant tea, hug a tree, read a good book, end the thoughts and gestures that take you away from self-love. Write down or say negative thoughts and feelings about yourself to neutralize them. Break any patterns of behaviour or thinking that prevent you from living in the present.

Accept your needs in the NOW
What do you really need? Maybe you need to talk to a friend, maybe you need to spend more time in nature. Make sure your emotional and physical needs are met. Identify them and take action.

Accept that you are a human being and that you make mistakes.
Stop judging yourself and others so harshly. Stop demanding perfection. Personal development means making mistakes from time to time. Be honest about your limitations and take responsibility for the reality you live in. Learn from your mistakes and act differently next time. Apologize, when appropriate, and forgive yourself.

Do something different
Stop wasting your precious time. Set healthy limits on your time. Learn to say “no” more often. Let certain situations and people go to make room for new ones. Do something differently every day.

It sounds complicated but it’s not. Focus on your breath. Work with your imagination to neutralize anything negative in your mental space. This will help you raise your vibration and reach the state of love.

Cherish yourself
Feel appreciation for your efforts, for your journey so far, for every act of kindness, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.