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If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissistic person or otherwise manipulative toxic person, you unfortunately know that these people use words in a completely different way than others. The following list will be quite instructive…

The terms that most of us use in our everyday conversations have a completely different meaning when talking to a narcissistic person. Let’s see what these phrases are:

I love you
What it means: I love to possess. I love to control. I like to (use) someone for something.

When you have a nice conversation with a narcissistic person, they think they have you and they are not so wrong. It is easy to trust such people because they are easy to communicate with and open up to, even if they may have treated you badly before.

I’m sorry you feel that way
What it means: sorry I’m not sorry

Narcissistic people don’t regret their actions because they believe they have a right to do whatever they do, regardless of the fact that they hurt other people. They will continue their abuse of you in vain.

You are over-sensitive / overreacting to something
What it means: You react to huge bullshit in a completely normal way, but you don’t do anything about it anyway.

Narcissistic people like to impose their will on others, and they maintain this even if you tell them it’s not good for you. Instead, they work to deny everything, but in doing so, they take advantage of the fact that their false love can lull you into suspicion so that there are no consequences for their actions.

Are you crazy
What it means: I’m a master of chaos, and I’m just being provocative.

Narcissistic people love it when you react this way because it proves you’re the crazy one of the two. These toxic people love it when you react angry, upset and crazy to their sentences because it only fuels their feelings of superiority.

My exes were crazy
Which means: I drove my exes crazy.

A narcissistic person’s previous relationships were bound to have been similarly toxic and the end result wasn’t overly pretty. They probably provoked, teased and prodded their exes until they went a bit mad about it. Soon you’ll be one of the crazy exes if you’re not careful!

He’s just a friend
What it means: I keep this person around as a backup because when I’m bored, I turn to him

This person is a kind of substitute for a partner for the narcissistic person. If he complains about his partner, he is sure to find a friend to retreat to.

You have trust issues
What it means: I am not a trustworthy person, and I show it over and over again by betraying you.

If you feel inside that the person you’re with is just betraying you, then run away. Don’t trust a narcissistic person unconditionally because they can betray you with tears. Instead, trust yourself and stay away from him!

Not everything is about you
What it means is: It’s really all about me, me, and me alone!

A narcissistic person turns the attention back on themselves and their own needs. He always projects his self-centeredness onto the other person, thus creating guilt and shame in the other person because he has needs that the other person will never be able to meet. Such a person does not have the emotional level to do so, nor does he deserve so much sacrifice.

Why not stay friends?
What it means is: I don’t want to lose my harem members, I want to always have someone by my side that I can control (even as a friend)

A narcissistic person always keeps a few people around him whom he can use for his own purposes by oppressing. Collecting exes is his real hobby. This is very convenient, because he always has someone to help him and to whom he can talk about himself and he is never alone without a real partner. Even if you break up, don’t stay friends, because it’s better to stay completely away from such a person!

You’ll never find someone like me
What it means: If you never find someone like me, you’ll be unhappy.

Actually, it’s best not to be with a narcissistic person, because there are plenty of empathetic people in the world who care about others and treat their loved ones better than a narcissist ever will. You deserve better than such a person, so leaving your narcissistic friend will only make you better off!

We know that life is experience and learning. But it’s good to know that you don’t HAVE to be around people who make you feel bad. Pay attention to your relationships, and to yourself.