Don’t be fooled by certain flattering behaviours.

Does he really love you or is he just emotionally dependent on you because he needs a woman to fill his soul void? There are many warning signs that give you the answer to the question but to see them you need to know yourself, love yourself and accept yourself so that you don’t let yourself be fooled by certain pampering behaviours.

Here are some of the warning signs that he doesn’t really love you:

He’s been picking you up from the beginning of the relationship and monopolizing your life.
He can be charming, but he doesn’t listen to you or care about your feelings. Or he may try to make you feel that your feelings are wrong.

He gets angry, withdraws or sulks when you don’t do as he does.
You feel a hole in him like a black hole he needs you to fill.
Has an abusive past and hasn’t healed from his past
He abandoned his children.
He has addictions that you don’t accept – smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, television and so on. He uses them to fill his inner emptiness.

He is insincere – you catch him in a lie or hiding the truth.
He has few friends.
He judges others as well as himself. He treats others with contempt.
Is possessive and jealous. Gets angry when you make your own schedule
Has few interests and hobbies.
Your intuition and feelings will help you know what the truth is. They are a reliable internal guidance system that lets you know what is right and wrong for you. When your inner voice tells you that something is wrong, it means it is not right for you. No matter how nice words a man says to you, if you don’t feel love from that person, trust what you feel more than what you hear.

Our feelings of peace, joy and fulfillment announce that we are aligned with what is good and right for us and that we love ourselves and others. If you want to find out if someone loves you or is emotionally dependent on you, learn to trust what you feel inside.