Everything was fine and dandy. You used to get along by looks, the chemistry between you made the neighbors jealous in the middle of the night, and now all that is gone because he betrayed you. What’s to be done? Listen to his reasons and accept his apology or shut the door in his face forever?

First of all, keep in mind that when you feel betrayed, you put yourself in the victim position. But are you really a victim? Sure, at first glance it seems easier to blame the other person for what we pretend not to see. Your heart always tells you if it’s right for you. If you’ve had doubts, felt insecurity despite attraction, you’ve known that things aren’t quite what they seem. When you know something, even on an intuitive level, things happen with your acceptance and the “blame” is shared between the two of you. You, for not heeding the weather warning, he, for letting thunder and lightning crash over your relationship.

The universe works in its own way, and a betrayal can actually be a release to something better for you, a way to protect yourself from worse events in the future, or even a lesson for you. We attract people of a similar vibration so perhaps you, in turn, are betraying in a different way or someone else. It may even be your own person. And that’s because when you choose to ignore the whisper of the soul, you are actually betraying yourself.

When you understand the spiritual message of betrayal, it is much easier to move on and keep your heart open to love. You get rid of a sack of resentment, resentment and bitterness, which alone is not easy. You sleep peacefully at night instead of wetting the pillow or keeping your girlfriends on the phone until after midnight plotting revenge. You can treat him with tolerance and compassion as a perfectible but imperfect human being. That doesn’t mean you have to be his confidant or go back to him if he promises he won’t do it again.

You both need time to learn from that experience. I think people change if they want to change. And if he does, your soul will know it. Until then release him and in doing so, you will release yourself.