How To Take A Break From Your Relationship – Without Breaking Up

Sleep away for a few nights
Go home to your parents, a friend or a sibling. Sleep away for a few nights so you can be without your partner for a while. If you don’t want to tell your partner that you actually want to be away from them for a while, you can simply say: “I thought I’d go to my parents’ for a couple of days and cuddle up”.

Do something just for yourself
Wanting a break from your relationship is often about losing yourself. So make sure you write fun things just for you in your calendar. Maybe start a painting class or cooking class?

Live apart for a while
If you and your partner are roommates, it’s easy to get on each other’s nerves sometimes. If it’s really bad, maybe you should try being a separated couple for a while and live apart.

Stay at home when your partner goes away
Is your partner going to a party? Then stay home! Or is your partner going to a family dinner? Let them go without you. Have some alone time at home, without your partner.

Go away without your partner
This isn’t possible for everyone and even harder in coronation times, but travelling away without your partner can be the perfect way to get a break from the relationship. You’ll have plenty of time to think and recharge your batteries.