27 Signs: How Do I Know If He Loves Me?

How you can tell that he loves you
To determine whether someone loves you, not only a few, but several of the following points should apply. In addition, you should pay attention to whether the matching signs also last over a longer period of time – because love is a thing of duration and something different than being freshly in love. At the beginning of a relationship, people are usually more exuberant and put in a lot more effort, but this can also flatten out quickly.

You can recognize his love by these actions
Often it is the little things by which men show their love without words. Many save big gestures for very special occasions like the anniversary or the marriage proposal. Just pay attention to all the trivialities that may not even be trivial to your partner:

  • He always makes time for you. Even when he’s actually busy.
  • He surprises you with little things. He cooks your favorite meal for you or brings you flowers unexpectedly.
  • He contacts you without a specific pretext. Just to hear how you are and what you are doing.
  • He pays attention to your needs. If you are cold, you get his jacket or he brings you a blanket.
  • He supports you in everyday life. For example, he does things for you around the house or takes your car to the garage.
  • He always listens to you. Even when it comes to boring topics like work.
  • He makes compromises. He does things he wouldn’t otherwise do or that he doesn’t enjoy – for your sake.
  • He integrates you. You know his closest friends and may have even been introduced to his parents.
  • He’s trying to impress you. He cares what you think about certain points in his life and that they appeal to you.
  • He’s there for you when you’re feeling down. And his protective instinct is to keep you from negative things.
  • He gives you your space. He loves to be around you, but he also accepts that you need some time to yourself or just want to hang out with your girls.

Words other than “I love you.”
Just because he doesn’t say “I love you” all the time (or never has until now) doesn’t mean he doesn’t. In conversations with your partner, you can determine quite subliminally if he still feels love for you. Because some phrases or statements are just as valuable as the three magic words.

  • “I can talk to you about anything”. He confides personal things and also fears to you.
  • “Nobody understands me like you”. He appreciates your understanding and support.
  • “You make me feel so comfortable”. He likes to be around you and enjoys it when you are together.
  • “When I see you, I feel better right away”. When he’s had a bad day, he knows you’re there for him and building him up.
  • He’s planning his future with you. You’re not just talking about the next few weeks together, but making long-term plans and maybe even picturing moving in together, getting married, starting a family.
  • He asks for your opinion. Before he makes important decisions in his life, he talks to you about it.
  • He compliments you. And not just when you’re dressed up or wearing your hot new underwear. He also tells you how pretty you are, even though you’re sick and lying in bed in your clothes.
  • He writes you sweet messages. Whether before going to bed or just in between. He thinks of you.
  • He leaves you little notes. He has to get up earlier than you, but leaves you a good morning greeting on a little note next to the bed.

How his body language says he loves you.
How do I know if he loves me? Just interpret his body language and behaviors! Pay close attention to your partner’s gestures and facial expressions when he’s around you. Admittedly, some nonverbal communication can also be interpreted as a simple flirt signal from the man. However, if they are in interaction with the above points, you can be sure: The man is in love with you!

  • He looks deeply into your eyes. When you talk to him, he looks directly at you and is not easily distracted. If his pupils become noticeably larger: Bingo!
  • He smiles affectionately. His smile is not artificial and can be subtle; in any case, his face radiates something positive.
  • He touches you again and again. Be it very gently and inconspicuously on your hand, more obviously with a stroke over your cheek or by playing with your hair.
  • He holds your hand. Not only when you’re running together, but even when you’re just sitting together, he sometimes reaches for it. Or he puts his arm around you more often.
  • He seeks your closeness. Even when you are around other people, he often stays close to you.
  • He kisses you all the time. Not only as a greeting or when you slowly get down to business, but he also often gives you a little kiss in between. By the way, a kiss on the forehead is very special here!
  • He is watching you. Stalker Mode off: This doesn’t mean that he follows your every step, but that he can’t take his eyes off you, even if you don’t communicate with him.