When that man is not right for you, the signs are visible from the start.

They say it doesn’t take a lifetime to get to know someone. At the beginning of a relationship, each partner tries to show and give their best. Even so, when that man is not right for you, the signs are visible from the start.

If your new partner talks bad about your ex-partner (does the phrase “good riddance to that crazy woman” sound familiar?) or makes future plans with you on the second date without even knowing who you are, run away as fast as you can. Another red flag is the tendency to change things about yourself (perfume, haircut, hair color or even the way you lay things out in your house). In general, an emotionally immature man will not make you happy and the reason you attracted him into your life is because you still have things to learn and heal.

there’s four quadrants of the human spirit that relate to feminine and masculine energy. An immature masculine energy is outwardly destructive oriented. This manifests itself in anger, fear, boasting, lack of confidence and decision-making power, ignoring emotions and intuition, self-doubt, need for safety and security, playing power games, need for evidence and exacerbated emphasis on logic, domineering, controlling, separating, competitive attitude.

Such male energy resonates with a wounded female energy, Love, whose tendency is emotional destruction. Characteristic of this state are depression, dependency, drama, lack of self-confidence, gossip, feeling unattractive and trapped, manipulation, self-sabotage, impatience, blame, expectation, need for attention, willingness to do anything to please the other, lack of connection with self and others.

The only solution to stop attracting emotionally immature men into your life is to work on yourself. Heal what needs healing using spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, affirmations, knowing exactly what you want from a man and a relationship and trusting that you will attract what you want.