3 zodiac signs that still have feelings for their exes.

For everyone, the time of despair after a breakup is different. Some need a very short time to accept the new reality, while others, after many years, still remember and can’t arrange their life with someone else. Which zodiac signs, according to astrology, are still waiting for an ex to return, and why is this the case?

This zodiac sign does not say a definitive “no” to an ex-partner. Even in a new relationship, he can leave the door open for his ex. Sometimes he forgets what caused the breakup and his partner’s flaws, so he hopes for a return even if he also wanted a breakup. Extreme cases even after years want to know what’s up with the ex and try to get in touch with him.

Taurus can not “fall out of love” and forget overnight. This is why, even long after the breakup, he looks for a way to his ex. It is difficult for him to accept the new reality, because the moment he bonds with someone he wants to live together until the end. A broken heart is difficult to heal because of his partner’s putting himself first. He has invested all his energy and love into the relationship, which is why it is so hard for him to let go.

Scorpio is fixed in feelings, exactly like a bull. He is not a lover and does not have a new partner every now and then, preferring to slowly approach one person, forming a long-term relationship later. Scorpio manifests its temperament through the extreme emotions that accompany a relationship – from great love to anger and rage. He can even test the other person’s devotion by putting him in difficult situations. Even if the relationship ends, the scorpion still feels an emotional connection to the other person, so he doesn’t let go easily.

Why do some people go back to their exes?
For some, time is not a thick line between the past and the present. There are those who are able, even after many years, to reflect on their shared moments and take an interest in the life of their ex. When the relationship really meant a lot, to them new acquaintances will not help in forgetting.