What Stops You From Really Falling In Love, Depending On Your Sign

Often, we tend to think that we’re not ready or it’s not the right time for a new relationship. In reality, we may be unconsciously doing things that prevent us from falling in love again. Your brain might be holding you back from what your heart really wants.

If you’ve been through a painful breakup or have never been in love, jumping into it could be scary. We all make mistakes and it’s important to learn from them, to stick with lessons that you can apply to future relationships.

Based on your zodiac sign, however, we can tell you what you’re doing wrong without you even realising it.

You’re a strong woman who easily gets over a breakup. The problem is that you give up very easily. If a relationship isn’t great the first time, you tend not to give it a second chance. So at the first sign of incompatibility or difference, you give up on the person.

Because you’re so stubborn, you don’t admit that it could also be your fault when things don’t work out. If it’s not your fault, then you don’t get involved in reaching a compromise to resolve the situation either.

Learn something from every relationship and apply it to the future. It’s not all fun and easy, but keep hoping. Remember that beautiful things can happen when you don’t expect them.

You have a lot of self-esteem, which sometimes prevents you from falling in love. If an argument arises or you make a mistake, pride prevents you from apologising or admitting you made a mistake. You won’t be honest with your emotions if you think they make you emotionally weaker.

You need to remember that a relationship is about giving exactly the same amount of affection and understanding that you receive. You shouldn’t expect your partner to be the one who always contributes 100%.

You’re used to being on your own, finding solutions to every problem and fixing everything that needs fixing. You like to be independent, you feel comfortable that way. You need to recognise that sharing these duties with someone won’t make you dependent, but will make things more enjoyable.

You’re over-weighing things and creating scenarios that don’t exist in reality. You’re afraid that if you get involved in a relationship, you’ll make a mistake and miss the chance to meet the perfect man. You hate making decisions. You should take every chance you can get and see what happens. Even if he won’t be your other half, at least you tried.

You cared a lot about your ex and are finding it quite hard to move on. Because you’re trying to compare everyone to him, you’re going to reject a lot of people, which could include your other half. You could use all this energy to start a new relationship.

You tend to focus on your career and put love second. You feel you wouldn’t have time for both, or that being in love would slow down your other activities. You feel that this would limit you and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy everything you enjoy. You’ll find that you can make time for it all, and you’ll be surprised that you don’t have to give up anything for love.

People who know you might say that you’re someone they can always rely on. You’re secretly scared of the idea of being in love, because you feel you’ll lose control of your emotional state. At the same time, you imagine yourself most of the time at home with lots of children and a loving husband. You trust that all your qualities will not disappear when you fall in love.