When you’re the SECOND one. Does being a mistress always end badly?

Often women enter into relationships with busy men. However, such relationships rarely end well for both parties… . Certain signs indicate that it won’t end with a “happy ending,” especially when you’re the one… THAT SECOND.

An affair with a married man and what next?
An affair with a married man is a complicated relationship that rarely ends with a “happy ending.” However, many women choose to get entangled in such a relationship….

If you are “the other one”, check whether this relationship can have a happy ending at all. Certain signs indicate that it can’t end well.

When you are the SECOND one…

Infatuation or a way to get bored?
An extramarital relationship is an attraction for many men. Often, years later, they feel bored with the relationship and family. They are overwhelmed by the volume of duties and responsibilities. They want change, they are looking for excitement, they dream of freedom and adventure. And then comes … the other one.

It’s a convenient solution for him
For them, an affair is nothing more than a temporary break from the gray reality. Thanks to a lover, they can get away from everyday life. For them, a new woman is the fulfillment of fantasies and their innermost dreams. In fact, such a relationship is based on unrealistic grounds. It has no chance of survival because it lacks a solid foundation.

He doesn’t want to start all over again
All because he doesn’t want to start all over again. In fact, he has no intention of changing his stable situation. He doesn’t want to walk away from his wife and leave his family to start a new relationship with another person. The arrangement with his lover is convenient for him, it doesn’t require a big commitment and the creation of a long-term relationship.

He delays the breakup
For this reason, he is delaying the breakup. Despite repeated promises that he will eventually leave his wife and have nothing more in common with her, he may never actually do so. He invents more and more arguments and delays the moment of separation.

He doesn’t take you seriously
When he still has not left his wife, although he assures you that he loves you, he is unlikely to take you seriously. And he certainly isn’t thinking about a permanent relationship. It’s just more convenient for him that way. He knows it won’t last forever and it suits him.

Because you are a temporary weakness…
You are only a temporary weakness for him and you will always remain the other one. Despite the problems in the marriage or boredom with his wife, he will still choose her and not you. All because it is difficult for him to leave his family, especially his children. There is little chance that he will ever decide to take such a step.