Not Always Honest: These Zodiac Signs Tend To Be Unfaithful

Gemini are often the flirt professionals among the zodiac signs. They know how to get in touch with others, which is why it is not difficult for them to find a partner. Especially this self-confident and communicative nature is an advantage. But exactly this can lead to a serious mistake in relationships. Because, what is for the Gemini a normal kind of conversation, appears to others quickly like a flirt.

Sagittarians are not only very independent zodiac signs who are much less likely to be in relationships than others – Sagittarians also often lack self-confidence and affirmation. When single, they like to seek this attention in short affairs, but once in relationships, this zodiac sign quickly gets bored when the daily grind sets in and attention is lacking. Therefore, they sometimes seek it from others.

Libra is probably the most balanced sign of the zodiac. But that is exactly the problem! Because when this zodiac sign is sad or disappointed, it looks for happiness, love and encouragement. Libra doesn’t always get that from their own partner, and that’s what makes love for this zodiac sign so shaky. What’s especially bad is that Libra usually regrets its misstep immediately, because it quickly realizes how easy it was to seduce.

If you insist on a strict relationship with some duties towards your partner, you are wrong with Aquarius. This zodiac sign loves independence and tends to avoid firm relationships. Then it is a clear sign if this star sign enters into a partnership after all, but Aquarius can be easily seduced if you hold out the prospect of an informal affair to him.