Many people stay in relationships looking perhaps with the hope of possible changes in the future, perhaps out of comfort, perhaps out of a lack of other options at least at the time. But there are some clear signs that a relationship is not working, cannot have a future in that format and perhaps most importantly, is becoming toxic for at least one of the partners. Here are those strong signs that it’s time to end the relationship and move on to new beginnings.

You realize you’re struggling to get him to love you.
Beyond the words he says, however, his gestures betray the reality and truth of his feelings. So you can easily notice when those tender, romantic gestures that show he cares, that he is present in the relationship, are gone and you start to wonder why.

If you feel like you’re struggling to be better, to show him that you have many qualities, to offer him affection even though he rejects you, hoping to prove to him that there are so many reasons why he loves you, most likely he’s not the partner worth fighting for.

Try to change yourself
The first signs are the critical attitude, where all sorts of grievances are directed at you, telling you that you could do better, that you could be different than you are. Or maybe he keeps suggesting that he likes a different kind of woman and that you could be one too.

No one deserves to change you into what you are not and don’t want to be, especially since change is not for you. Sure, we all evolve and somehow time changes us, but the meaning of these changes must be in harmony with our inner values and made for us, not for others.

Actions are different from words
If he talks to you nicely but doesn’t live up to his words, if he makes a lot of promises but keeps too few, other things are probably his priority.

When someone is attentive to your needs, his actions are also in line with his interests. So gestures and words seem to send the same message when he really loves you, you feel safe, appreciated, adored next to him.

When this is not the case, it may be better to listen to the message of his body language and choices, rather than the one resulting from words.

He won’t let you or listen to you when you try to say what’s on your heart
You feel lonely even though you’re in a relationship. You feel like you have no one to talk to, no one to advise, no one to complain to, no one from whom to glean a kind word or a moment of understanding. Or, what’s more, when you try to talk, he doesn’t ignore you, nor does he suddenly disappear by saying he’s busy, but brutally refuses you.

A relationship is based on sharing emotions and feelings, and when this doesn’t happen, the connection between the two doesn’t reflect a loving relationship.

You feel you can’t trust your partner
Regardless of the area you don’t trust, however, this doesn’t exactly bode well for the relationship. Maybe you don’t trust him or her on his or her travels or departures, or to leave him or her an amount of money to spend on something specific. Or more importantly, maybe you don’t trust him with a family member or even children.

When there is this lack of trust, surely the relationship, at least in one sense, is not right for you.

Try to be honest with yourself, never forget what a wonderful being you are and, like any of us, you are entitled to happiness and worth fighting for.