10 signs that He loves you (even if He doesn’t say it)

Does the man in your life still avoid admitting he loves you? When you ask if he loves you, he reluctantly murmurs “you know” or “how many times can I repeat it, I told you”, even though it was a long time ago and you don’t even remember if it was ever said again.

Don’t be jealous of girlfriends whose lovers shower them almost daily with vows of eternal love. Very often men, especially introverts, do not know how and do not want to express their feelings in words. It seems to them a little unmanly, a little meaningless. And it is difficult.

If you are the centre of their lives, the constant demands to confirm their feelings can be surprising, a little hurtful or even angry. After all, nothing has changed, and his lover is restless! They honestly don’t understand why.

Therefore, it is better not to torture them with endless questions. For example, clever girls have already prepared the same answers and even reassuring hugs for them. Would you like your husband to learn from them too?

Therefore, rather appreciate your husband’s behaviour, which is far more eloquent than any words. And if you can confirm most of what he says, rest assured – he really does love you. And it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t talk about his feelings.

  1. He knows what you don’t like and respects it.
    Whether you’re “allergic” to pets or his friends, or maybe you have a disagreement with his mother, he understands and doesn’t try to convince you that you have to change. That’s why he never makes any “surprises” – no unscheduled visits to your home – and he sincerely tries to make your time with these people as pleasant and short as possible. He never takes off his wedding ring.
  2. He takes responsibility.
    Some women complain about men’s lack of sensitivity, but they don’t appreciate that they take responsibility for a lot of things in a decisive way and you have no idea that some problems exist. He tries to provide for the family financially, he is involved in the upbringing of the children, he is not afraid of unplanned pregnancies and he takes care of many domestic problems.
  3. He takes care of your car.
    He doesn’t just make jokes about women who drive, he makes sure your car is roadworthy, that you don’t run out of fuel, that your tyres are at the right pressure, and that you don’t forget to change them at the start of the next season. And they don’t get nervous if your car gets a few scratches.
  4. He has no control over you.
    He doesn’t check your mobile phone and computer, he doesn’t nag you about which friend you’re going out with and how much the new dress cost. He understands that women have their weaknesses, so he doesn’t get upset that you bought just another pair of shoes.
  5. He doesn’t need to explain what PMS is.
    Therefore, he responds to your irritation with understanding. He knows when you are angry and when you are irritable because of physiological changes. If you are feeling unwell, he tries to help you, he doesn’t get upset if he can’t find his dinner, but he tries to treat you to a treat himself.
  6. He is not jealous.
    He gives you freedom because he doesn’t abuse it himself. Sometimes women make the mistake of thinking that a man’s jealousy shows that he cares for her. Nothing of the sort! Almost all jealous men are untrustworthy because they project their behaviour onto others. A truly loving man does not humiliate the woman in his life and himself with unfounded suspicions. If he loves, he is trustworthy and trustworthy himself.
  7. He does not raise his voice.
    All families have quarrels, but loving people are able to maintain respect for each other even when they are angry, and to resolve their differences where others cannot hear. It goes without saying that a loving man will never call the woman in his life nasty epithets, let alone curse her.
  8. He does not blame you.
    Even when you are really guilty. A loving man does not blame you for your poor parenting – he is involved in the process. He doesn’t get angry if you break a household appliance because of your carelessness. And when you make up after a conflict, he doesn’t think it’s all your fault.
  9. He tolerates your parents, relatives and girlfriends. You know exactly which girlfriends he can’t stand, but he doesn’t give ultimatums to end the relationship. It is obvious to you that your mother or father is overstepping many boundaries, but he remains restrained. He only goes to your aunt’s boring birthday party because she is important to you.
  10. Introduces you to friends, boss or subordinates. Only men who love women not only introduce them to their friends or colleagues, but also involve them in their entertainment and affairs.