Find out the answer to one of the most burning questions!

Many women turn to psychotherapy sessions to understand certain behaviours of their partners. Many of them believe that men and women behave differently and that there should be a guide to understand the opposite physical contact. But let’s see what questions women have:

“Why don’t men apologize when they are wrong? Why do they find it hard to admit that they are wrong? Why don’t they express their feelings more often? Why don’t they like foreplay? Why don’t they want to stay hugged after making love? Why don’t they cry at the movies? Why don’t they want him to help them with the housework?”

” – Why do men find it demeaning: to compliment, to do the dishes, to apologize, to kiss more often, to make foreplay longer, to bring them flowers even for no reason? Or to play sports with their partner, or to be more affectionate in society with their partner? Why don’t they come to couples counselling sessions and just send them, at first? Why do they only come to counselling when they see changes in their behaviour and then say how pleased they are?

Is it a form of weakness to behave the way their partners want them to?

If we look at them in the first few weeks of their relationship, almost all of the above requirements are met with flying colours. In fact, this is often how they win their partner over. After a while, shorter or longer, men tend to change. To become cooler somehow. As if they were in a competition with their partner, feeling the need to impose their point of view, even when it is not appropriate, or when they are not right.

As a psychologist with experience in couple therapy I can say with certainty that there is no major difference between women and men in terms of behaviour. There are women with “masculine” behaviour and vice versa. Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus. Both are from Earth.

As a conclusion I can say the following: men who consider it a sign of weakness to comply with the demands of the women in their lives, are basically suffering from a lack of chivalry. And this is because they have learned to see life as a struggle, even when it comes to their partner. If men would become more chivalrous, if ladies would be more feminine I think we would live in a much better world.

Feminism has turned women into fighters with masculine weapons and men have forgotten what chivalry means. The result? Marriage has become a battleground for power, for supremacy. And unfortunately, as a result of this struggle, both partners and especially children suffer.

The solution could be for women to return to the weapons of seduction, and for men to rediscover chivalry. This will make the woman more feminine, softer, more delicate, and she will have to renounce vulgarity, conquering what she wants from the man. And the man would become more gentlemanly, respecting the woman next to him more, giving her what she asks for with generosity. Success will be guaranteed in both family and career for both. Thus, they will see how easily they rediscover the aspects that brought them together in the beginning, just waiting for a little encouragement to return. The similarities between them will make them support and help each other, perhaps forgetting all about their differences or who decides what to do.