False love-we suggest how to recognize it

How can you recognize that the feeling you share is not true love? It is indicated by certain signals….

He has no time for you
He has less and less time for you. You see each other only when it suits him. He doesn’t pay you any attention, rarely calls, writes or proposes meetings. Although he doesn’t show it to you directly, you feel that you are not the most important thing to him.

You can’t count on him
You can’t count on him when you need him. He is never around when you want him most. You have no comfort or support in him, and unfortunately you don’t feel safe with him.

You don’t know if you can trust him
You don’t know if you can fully trust him. It has already happened more than once that he has lied to you, misrepresented facts or concealed something from you. He is not being fully honest or truthful with you. You feel that you can’t open up with him or talk to him about everything.

You don’t know his relatives
He has not introduced you to acquaintances, friends, or immediate family. In fact, you know very little about him. You don’t know his past, his environment, or his relatives. He doesn’t talk much about himself, his interests, his work, or other people.

You have no plans for the future
You don’t know what to expect from him, or what his intentions are for you and your relationship. You have no long-term commitments or plans for the future together. When you ask about it, he answers evasively or cuts off the subject.

You don’t know who you are to each other
Although you are dating and seem to be forming a relationship, you don’t really know who you are to each other. You have no idea if he takes you seriously and cares about you. On top of that, he says he doesn’t want a commitment and isn’t looking for a permanent relationship. Although you used to be okay with it, your feelings have changed and now you want something more… Unfortunately, nothing has changed on his part and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different anytime soon.