From friendship to love: how to go about it?

Falling in love with a friend can happen to anyone. The question is: can friendship be transformed into love? Or better yet: how do you do it? If you find yourself in this kind of situation, this article is for you. It can help you better understand and deal with your feelings.

Is this really love?

Before you try anything, you should first think carefully about the subject. First of all, make sure that it really is love, since differentiating between the two feelings is not really easy. Usually the answer is obvious when you are jealous of every man or woman who comes into your life. You also love your friend when seeing him/her makes you so happy. Finally, there is love in the air when you are uncomfortable with the idea of being alone with him/her or when you feel compelled to tell him/her about your upcoming trips.

Is this what you really want?

Obviously, you have to ask yourself if this is what you really want. At the slightest doubt, you must keep quiet. To be sure that you want to go further with him/her, start by defining what really attracts you to your friend because if it’s a simple physical attraction, it’s not worth it. You must also make sure that you want to love him/her with all his/her qualities and all his/her imperfections that you must know by heart. Finally, be ready to assume the consequence if the situation ends up distancing you and destroying this friendly complicity that you have shared for years.

Recognize the signs

You’ve only just realized that you love her and you’re trying to find the right way to let her know. But maybe he/she loved you long before and didn’t want to admit it for fear of losing you. To find out if your relationship has changed, you need to watch for the signs. These include inappropriate displays of affection, sweet words and innocent little kisses. When all of these things happen, you should know that your relationship has long since moved beyond the friendship stage. There is passion in the air. It remains to be seen whether you two will be ready for it and whether it can work.

Moving from friendship to love

Many love stories are born out of a long lasting friendly relationship. Many childhood friends, work colleagues, high school and university roommates end up getting married. As long as the feeling is mutual, it is really easy to turn friendship into love. Of course, it has to be done gently. Even if you know her/him by heart, it is not certain that s/he is willing to accept your love immediately. First of all, try to make him/her aware that something has really changed between you. Then, push him/her to react without putting pressure on him/her. You need to give him/her time to think about it. He/she needs to realize that you can really become his/her partner in life, that it is not a mistake. Of course, you must also try to seduce him/her as if he/she were a stranger. However, caution is advised.

Learning to love her or him properly

Even if the feeling is shared, know that nothing is won yet. It is not with a single kiss that you will turn friendship into love. You have to learn to behave like a lover. In the street, for example, you will no longer walk on your own. Now you have to hold hands. In short, you have to behave like a boyfriend (girlfriend). From now on, you have to call him from time to time, give him romantic surprises, plan a little romantic program every weekend to prove your love with gestures and sweet words. You also have to learn how to assume the new relationship in front of friends and family. The best thing is to take a little distance, time to strengthen your love. Finally, it is also necessary to get away from your habits. Know that you are now a couple. This way, your partner doesn’t have to put up with your bad characters. He, she deserves better.

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