How To Win Back An Ex: Find Out What Works For Each Sign

Can’t get that old love out of your head? Then check out these tips to win back the ex of each sign

The saying goes: if an ex was good, he wouldn’t be an ex, right? Often, this can be true. But every now and then, you feel like trying for a second chance. It even feels like the person has rented a place in your head and won’t leave… Now what if you could win your ex back?

You can count on a little help from the stars! Check out how to win back the ex of each sign!


You don’t have to be too hard on the Aries. After all, if he likes you, he’ll take the initiative. In other words, just say you want another chance, but don’t insist too much.


This is another guy who will come back if he really loves you. However, the tip here is to be good at dealing with his stubbornness, you know?


Show him you’re happy! When he sees that you’re well, he’ll be intrigued. Then just act and he’ll open his guard.


Cancerians dream of experiencing great love, so make a declaration and show your affection for them.


Being proud, it won’t be easy to convince this sign to give you another chance. However, you can soften him up if you make him feel wanted.


Here, being too direct can scare him off. So be patient and committed with the Virgo.


Be discreet but romantic. Libras love this and if they notice that there is still a spark between you, it will come back.


Scorpio is a sign you can only get back if you show passion and shroud him in mystery.


Don’t put pressure on this ex, leave him free. If Sagittarius sees your adventures, he may go back.


Patience is required with Capricorns. He may regret leaving you if you prove that you are faithful and responsible.


Be creative to win him back. Aquarius will vibe with original attitudes. But beware: they hate people who pick on them!


Sensitive, you’ll be swayed by declarations of love. Prove that your relationship is special and the dreamy Piscean might be into you again.