Don’t confuse true love with fleeting passion. Passion comes and goes, while true love is there to stay forever.

Passion is immediate, comes suddenly, and disappears just as quickly… love, on the other hand, develops and builds over time.

Here are the reasons why true love is not felt immediately… but it is formed over time, and then it lasts a lifetime:

You can’t love someone you don’t know.
You may feel attracted to someone, but you can’t love them until you know who they are.

Love is a feeling you create, not an emotion that appears out of thin air
Many people fall in love, but few know how to turn that “falling in love” into real love. Attraction comes out of thin air… love doesn’t.

True love is a connection, not an attachment.
Real love is based on mutual respect and appreciation – not on the idea that one person can solve all your problems and give you the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The real reasons for loving someone are discovered over time…
…. and they are the most beautiful: he is always there for you, he makes you laugh, you are happy around him, you trust him.

The more you love someone, the more you will find them attractive
When you are genuinely in love with someone, you not only start to see them as more beautiful than they are, but you also start to think they are more attractive. Psychologists say this proves that attraction can also arise and develop over time.

When you assume that love is just a feeling that happens, you end up always depending on it – and not consciously creating it in your life
If you don’t believe that love is something you can choose to create, you’ll be plagued by your fleeting and changing emotions for the rest of your life. One day, someone will show up for you, and you’ll want out of your relationship just because you’re feeling all those fleeting emotions you call “love.”

You can’t open your heart to someone in an instant
It’s not about how open you are to people; it’s about how much you choose to show your soul to people. Even if you wear your heart on a platter without any problems, you need time to create a special connection with someone.