6 Reasons Why The Long-distance Relationship Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

Being in a long-distance relationship can be really tough, but it also makes you a super couple!

“I don’t know how you guys do it!”
That’s exactly what I hear from friends and colleagues every time I say goodbye to my boyfriend and tell them it will be two months before we see each other again. And no, right then and there at the airport, I actually almost can’t stand it. I cry, hide my face in his chest so no one will see how sad I am, breathe in his scent and hate the moment when I have to kiss him that last time and then turn around and leave. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. But when the tears and the fog lift and I get to ten thousand feet, I can eventually think clearly again. And then I remember what’s actually really good about being in a distance relationship! Here are 6 examples.

You are the best at communicating
Because you can’t see what the other person looks like and feels like every day, you’re forced to communicate a lot. You learn that it’s not scary but necessary to talk about everything, both the trivial moments of your everyday life and the things that worry you. After all, the worst distance between two people is not physical – but misunderstanding.

You learn to trust each other
The most important (and perhaps sometimes the most difficult) thing in a relationship is to be able to trust what the other person says and does. In a long-distance relationship, you can’t keep an eye on each other all the time. You both have room to “be disloyal” and it becomes extra important to show that you trust the other person then.

You appreciate the time you have together
As hard as it is to say goodbye, it’s just as wonderful when you finally meet again. Knowing that you have limited time makes you appreciate each other even more and it becomes impossible to take each other for granted.

You’ll both have time for yourselves
There’s a reason you have a long-distance relationship, isn’t there? Maybe one of you has gotten a job or is pursuing an education that will, in turn, make that person grow. And showing that you support each other by still being there shows strength and determination. A long-distance relationship also means time on your hands. Time to focus on work, school, a project, a hobby or friends. Making the most of the time between your meetings will help you both grow. You also know that it’s not about waiting it out, but understanding why you’re waiting – and that it’s worth it.

It’s good to miss
Missing someone is a small reminder that we love and unfortunately many of us don’t know what we have until we lose it. Thanks to the distance, you’re reminded of just that, time and time again. Besides, those days right before you’re supposed to see each other again are almost unbearably prickly, aren’t they? Almost like going on a first date again!

You know you both want the same thing
Being in a long distance relationship and still wanting to make it work despite long waits and expensive travel is a commitment. No, long-distance relationships aren’t always comfortable, but you can be sure of both your and your lover’s feelings if you both give it your all to make it work anyway. Showing that you’re willing to be alone for a long time for just a short time with each other says a lot about your feelings for each other. Take the long view – if your relationship is worth fighting for now, it will be worth fighting for in the future too.