7 Signs That You’re Dating A Psychopath – According To The Psychologist

You think they’re too good to be true
Does your date feel too good to be true? Do they have the whole package? The charm, the looks, and the perfect personality. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who flirts who has everything is a psychopath, but it’s not impossible that your date is.

They lie
Does she say one thing to you only to have you say the opposite the next minute and pretend she never said anything else? Most likely it’s because they’re lying, if nothing really makes sense. And most of the time they are not even aware that what they are saying is not true.

“You sometimes notice that they are expressing different information from what they have said before, but you feel compelled to dismiss this to yourself as a misunderstanding or mishearing,”.

They confirm you all the time
We all need affirmation, and some more than others, but if we meet that perfect person who gives us all the affirmation and then some, it’s no wonder we fall head over heels for them. A psychopath is very affirming and usually very early in your relationship. Already after a few dates, or if even that, you are the best thing that has happened to them.

“They validate you, you feel like the most unique being in the world,”

They can suddenly change their mood
Is everything great between you and you’ve never been more in love with each other than you are right now. But then his mood goes from 0 to 100 very quickly, and maybe for no reason. A characteristic of psychopaths is that they often change their moods. They can go from being very happy to being very angry. This is because psychopaths have a strong anger that comes out sometimes.

They have a high tempo
Does everything go at once and is it hard to keep up? A psychopath often needs to engage in thrill-seeking behaviour, according to Experts. If you date for a week, she may be ready to have a baby and get married the following week.

He’s very charming
Another common sign that someone is a psychopath is if they are very charming and good at talking people down. Eyes that sparkle and the sweetest words in the world are no strangers to the charming behaviour of a psychopath. If your date is overly charming, that could be a warning sign.

Lacks empathy
“You can tell that the person has no empathy for you, any empathy may be shown when it suits their purposes,”.

If you notice that your date is very soft, charming and emotional at first, it could be because they are doing it for their own needs and towards themselves. Their behaviour is about getting something for their own gain, they can be calculating and do things at the right time just to get others where they want to go.

Are you already in a happy relationship but are unsure if your partner is using some dating app behind your back? We’ve listed the warning signs that suggest they are in the video below.