12 mantras that can save your life after a breakup

Anyone who has ever been through a break-up knows exactly how hopeless life can seem. We tend to believe that the storm clouds over our heads will never pass and we’ll live out the rest of our lives as a lonely, cat lady. But that’s nonsense: heartbreak is only temporary, and if you regularly recite the following 12 mantras to yourself, you’ll get through the tough times faster.

Sadness doesn’t last forever
…or as the great old ones would say: it can’t rain forever.

I did my best
It’s always a two-way street, it’s not enough to fight for your relationship alone.

I am worthy of love
…and things didn’t turn out this way because you’re not lovable.

He was not the last love in my life
There were others before him and there will be others after him, even if it seems unthinkable at the moment.

There are lots of fun things about being single
It’s time to enjoy the activities you didn’t have the chance to do with your ex.

It’s normal to feel angry
Sometimes it makes it easier to let go of someone important to you.

It’s also normal to still cry for your ex
Breaking up is just like grieving. Go ahead and cry, let the tension out!

I am not alone
Even though your relationship has ended, you still have family and friends you can count on.

I am strong
You’re not strong because you never stumble, but because you can always stand up.

After a few months, it all seems like a distant past
Do you remember the pain of getting an A in primary school? In a few years, this breakup will seem so far away.

He wasn’t the only person who could put a smile on my face
Although it seems unimaginable now, you can have fun with someone else.

I learned something from this relationship
If nothing else, this love was a good experience and self-awareness training.