5 things a man in love would NEVER do to you

We can no longer make excuses for people who hurt us in some way. A self-respecting, honest man will treat and love us as we deserve to be treated and loved. If not, then what is the point of being together?

These 5 points sum up perfectly what the minimum is for an honest, loving relationship – for both parties, by the way.

Not criticising your looks
Neither the length of your hair, nor the excess or lack of weight, nor the shape of your figure. Not even behind funny remarks. Because we all know that compliments, no matter how pleasant, will be lost, but a comment meant to be funny can burn into us forever.

The person who is truly made for you will never make a comment about your appearance that you would find humiliating or offensive. If someone does, they are consciously or unconsciously building to lower your self-worth and thus gain some sort of superiority. This is how they try to control you and it is emotional abuse.

He never barges in on your private life, your privacy
In a healthy relationship there is no need to hide anything. Messages, emails, whatever. But that doesn’t mean your partner is equipped to snoop on your abandoned phone or laptop. If someone does, they clearly have serious trust issues and are probably projecting their own disbelief and problems onto you.

This is of course true if you really have nothing to hide.

He never wants to discourage you
The strength of a person’s confidence and the extent of their belief in themselves is also indicated by the extent to which they support the ambitions of others. A good person is always willing to help and support those around them and will never play to discourage or insult.

Is aware of your value; never makes you feel you have to prove yourself
The moment you feel you have to prove your own worth to your partner, you should walk away from the relationship. Optimally, your lover is with you because he values who you are, not because of what you do or what you “sell” yourself for.

He never puts you at the top of his priority list
While your relationship is not the only thing that defines your life, it is certainly a significant part of it. It’s important for your partner to have their own network of relationships and independence, but there’s a big difference between having an active social life and also pushing your girlfriend further and further down your priority list. If you feel like you’re waiting for your lover more than you’re actually spending time with them, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at where your relationship is heading.