4 myths about marriage you better not believe

What is a PERFECT marriage like? Probably, as many of us as there are people on the planet, there are different ways of thinking about it, not to mention the many clichés, social expectations and myths that influence us.

Your partner should also be your best friend
The number one sign of a best friend is that you share even your best kept secrets. It’s great to be able to do this with your partner, but there’s a reason why relationship experts recommend that both partners keep their privacy within the relationship. There’s no need to be secretive or sneaky – but it’s better to giggle with the girls about how sexy your new colleague is.

There is a solution to every dispute
Unfortunately, we have to dispel the pink mist: there will be conflicts between you that will come up again from time to time, and you’ll chew over them a thousand times without finding a solution. It’s a case of “get used to it or get away with it”, and both parties will have to decide whether or not they can live with their differences.

Never go to bed angry
Of course, it is advisable to try to discuss all conflicts calmly and immediately, but unfortunately this is impossible. Sometimes you need to sleep in, calm down, and then the next day you can discuss your position with a clear head and without anger.

Your partner must meet your every need
Unfortunately or not, the perfect boyfriend only exists in fairy tales. Relationships are not about getting the right man ‘ready-made’: over the months and years you’ll have to hone and compromise on a lot of things, and there will certainly be qualities that bother you after 20 years. But that’s perfectly natural, and if the core values fit, you have nothing to worry about.