He’s not in love with, he’s just a player of convenience

He only knows you superficially
You’d like to think that you know each other very well, and maybe even had the chance at the beginning, but deep down you feel that you don’t. If you were to ask him about information about you that a lover normally knows about another, he would fail badly. He knows you, but not your innermost self – he’s never really dug beneath the surface.

He simply walks away from arguments
Couples argue and fight, and if it’s not too common, that’s okay. But with him, you just can’t argue. He’ll shrug off your arguments. He doesn’t care how you feel, what’s bothering you, he doesn’t want to find a solution. If you want to talk to him, he’ll walk away, run away.

He doesn’t really care where your relationship is going
If you try to talk about your future, he doesn’t put much effort into it. It’s like he doesn’t really care. He’s perfectly content to focus on the present, and when any kind of plan comes up, he starts to hesitate, dodge, or shrug off the whole topic.

He never worries about you
Couples can count on each other. It’s not an expectation, it’s a natural thing. And when you care about someone, you sometimes worry about them. It’s not like him. It’s like he never puts you in his emotional focus.

He spends more time with his friends than with you
Spending time with friends is very important in a healthy relationship. A little distance can do wonders. But if you two barely see each other because he always chooses his buddies, something is wrong.

You don’t know his family
If he’s really enthusiastic about being with you, he’ll want to introduce you to his family – or the people who function as family to him – after a certain period of time. If he doesn’t see this as necessary, then he probably doesn’t take your relationship seriously enough.