Several therapists have revealed on Reddit when they know a relationship isn’t going to work out. Still, on the contrary – it’s about to end:

  1. When one (or both) partners want to change something fundamental about the other person.
  2. When there is contempt on the part of one partner.
  3. When people choose therapy, convince the therapist that they are right and their partner is wrong.
  4. When they have forgotten the good in the relationship. Part of relationship therapy is reconnecting partners by bringing out what they like about each other, what attracted them to each other first, and the beautiful things between them.
  5. When people say they have been unhappy for a very long time and can’t remember what it’s like to be in love or feel attracted to the person next to them.
  6. When one partner is in an affair that won’t end.
  7. When one partner has parents who dominate them and make them make bad decisions.
  8. Constant refusal or inability to compromise. Compromise is a significant predictor of love in relationships and plays a vital role in the long-term success of marriages and relationships.
  9. When respect is lacking, we mention respect for space, boundaries, feelings, interests, and relationships.
  10. When one partner walks into the office and says he is there because the person next door made him come (even though he doesn’t want to).
  11. When there is no trust between partners.
  12. When one person is entirely dependent on the other emotionally and financially.
  13. When partners say they’re together for children. An unhealthy mindset in which they see children as a burden and believe that staying in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship will somehow make the children have a beautiful future.
  14. When partners don’t respect each other at all. On the contrary, they show contempt for each other.
  15. When there is active physical abuse, partners recognize it and try to call it “normality.”
  16. When partners refuse to listen.
  17. When one partner doesn’t accept feedback or suggestions – this is a sign that they don’t want to try.