5 Signs You’re Not In Love – Just Lonely

You think about the person when you go to sleep
Do you think about the person when you go to sleep and wish they were next to you? Yes, you could be in love. But it may well be that you miss the closeness – and therefore miss them right then and there.

You’ll be hearing from you at three in the morning
Do you have fun all night without thinking about the person for a second, but pick up the phone and text when you’re on your way home? Then it’s probably because you don’t want to sleep alone – not because you want to sleep with that particular person.

You want to text every time you’re bored
You know when you’re snacking just because you’re bored? That’s exactly how it is with “love” too. The person is interesting when you’re bored because you simply don’t have anything more fun to do. But is it love, for real? No, it isn’t. Then you want to text even when you’re stressed, having fun and when you’re busy doing other things.

You love attention
Does getting attention from the person make you feel good? Good! But think again if it’s the attention from SOMEONE or specifically that person that makes you feel good. There’s a big difference.

You lose interest as soon as someone else shows up
Did you see a cutie at the pub and accidentally forget about that person you’ve been seeing for a while? Well, you have the answer. You’re simply not in love, you just feel lonely.