5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Doomed To Fail

You never argue with your partner again

It may sound a little strange, but arguing with your partner on a regular basis is completely normal and healthy. After all, you have to deal with frustrations and disagreements in relationships. Of course, if you are constantly arguing, this is not a good sign either, but if you never have an argument or quarrel again, this is also definitely a portent of adversity.

If you are no longer willing to invest in the relationship by discussing with your partner or expressing things that bother you in the relationship, then you are also no longer committed to the relationship. When this is the case, the end of the relationship is near.

You prioritize time with others over time with your partner

There’s nothing wrong if you sometimes prefer to go out with your friends or spend a night alone with Netflix – we all have that desire. But as soon as you always prioritize this time over time with your partner, you need to start thinking carefully about whether you still want to stay in the relationship. The time you spend together with your partner should never feel like an obligation.

You keep in touch with potential partners

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But if you stay in touch with Tinder contacts or others who are potential relationship material, you are therefore already keeping yourself busy with possible relationships after the break-up with your current partner. Keeping potential partners on the back burner? Not a good sign.

You give up all your other hobbies and passions

In the beginning of a relationship, people often give up their hobbies and passions. Falling in love in the beginning of a relationship can completely consume you. You only want to spend time with your partner and other things fade into the background. But once the relationship lasts longer and becomes more serious, this usually corrects itself. But if this continues, then the person you are with may not be right for you.

You never go on dates together again

Enjoying a bite to eat somewhere, going to the cinema or going on a nice walk. A date can be about anything. The moment you stop taking the time to plan such an outing and spend some quality time together, it means the end for the relationship. As long as you go on dates regularly, you will keep the love alive. If you don’t, it will slowly fade out.