How do you know if your ex still loves you? Check out 9 tips on how to find out

In tough times and with many disagreements, ending a relationship seems like the best decision to make, but after a while many realise it was the wrong decision and think about giving their ex-partner another chance, but doubt always exists in the middle of everything, it’s exactly about ‘how to find out if my ex still loves me’.

After all, if you’re going to give him a chance, you first need to make sure there is still a feeling of love and passion in him.

However, there may still be other cases where someone wants to find out if their ex-boyfriend still loves them.

In fact, this is possible in a number of ways and I will show you some ways to find out if your ex still loves you and if he is still interested in getting back together.

How do I know if my ex still loves me?
All in all, these 9 tips or ways to find out if my ex still loves you will definitely work for you. All of these are signs that an ex-boyfriend who still loves his ex-girlfriend would definitely give. See below:

Getting jealous of you
This is clear proof that you still like your ex, after all, we’re only jealous of the ones we love. However, if your ex gets jealous whenever and wherever he sees you with someone else, or even if he just hears that you’re seeing someone, it’s a sure sign that he still loves you.

Invites you out
Even if only once, inviting your ex out may be the only way your ex will know what it feels like to be next to you again, to hear your voice and talk to you about things they used to have as a partner.

If I were in your shoes and was looking for a way to find out if my ex still liked me, and then I got an invitation to go out from him, I would think that the invitation was based on some kind of feeling, and of course it could just be longing, but in most cases it’s love.

Examine yourself
Another way to find out if your ex still loves you is if he or she wants to find out about you through friends, close family members or even social media. If this is really happening and you notice it, or if someone has told you that your ex has questions about your health and your well-being, or if you already have some other question, the reason is that she still likes you.

Always write to you
If your ex-boyfriend is still in the habit of sending you good morning, good night or just ‘hello’ every day, it could be a sign that he hasn’t forgotten you and still loves you.

It may seem normal if you were the one who ended the relationship, but if it was him and the reason he gave you was that there was no love left, he definitely made a mistake and is now feeling the consequences of the mistake he made. .

After all, if he really didn’t love you anymore, he wouldn’t be sending you messages all the time. It shows how much he can’t get on without you.

Still see you the same way
Do you remember what your ex looked like when he still said he was very much in love with you? Well, if that look stays, it’s because the feeling isn’t dead, because looks say a lot, and if he looks at you in a way that makes you feel the passion you felt before they parted, it’s because you doubt he still likes you.

Always mention the good times you had with him.
If you notice that whenever you talk to your ex, he mentions the best times of their relationship, it means he still likes you. Another way to notice is if he still cares that much about your birthday or dates that are important to you.

Admit your mistakes
After ending a relationship, many men who are just waiting for a second chance, or who are just still in love with their exes, will start to admit their mistakes and some will even acknowledge the mistakes they made in the process.

All this is just to show that they are changing and to make them think about the possibility of coming back. However, if your ex is doing this, or has done it in the past, it is a sign that he or she still loves you and wants a second chance.

Says he is alone
Pay close attention if your ex says he is lonely, or that he has no one to love, or that he can’t find anyone else to love. It’s a clear sign that eliminates any doubt that you still like him and he wants a second chance. There is no other way to understand it.

trying to get your attention
Another way you can figure out whether your ex likes you or not is to assess how he behaves towards you. Is he trying to get your attention in any way? Has he changed his appearance or posted flirty pictures on social media to attract your attention to how good he is?

If so, be aware of these signs, because if he’s shown one of them, it’s because he still loves you.