He loves these things about you, but will never admit it

There are things that men outright love in their partners, but they will never admit it out loud! Find out what he secretly loves about you.

He won’t tell you directly, but he loves the little things. These little things make his heart beat harder and his blood circulate faster in his veins.

Fixing your hair
Playing with strands of hair, twirling them around your finger, fixing them behind your ear, or throwing them down your back makes his heart beat faster. He knows perfectly well that this is how you seduce him. It really works and he likes it!

You smile
When there is a wide smile on your face that includes your eyes, it is sincere. And when a man notices it in you, he knows that you feel good in his company, you are happy, satisfied and having a great time. He will do everything to put a smile on your face again.

You lick your lips
This is a very sensual gesture that makes men go crazy. When you unconsciously bite your lips, lick your lips or touch them gently with your fingers, all he thinks about is to finally kiss you.

You mousse your neck
When you stroke your neck, mousse it with your fingers, expose and expose it, this is a clear signal to him. Such gestures show interest in the other person and high ***ual tension. He can’t resist when you do this.

Whisper in the ear
Whispering in the ear is very sensual. Your man loves it when you do this. It makes his interest and desire grow.

You put on his clothes
Although he won’t admit it out loud, he likes it when you put on his shirt or wrap yourself in a sweatshirt. In addition, your scent and traces of pheromones are left on his clothes, which send clear signals to the male brain about your interest.

You’re tuning in for him
Although men often complain that women spend too much time picking out outfits for going out, he actually likes it when you want to look glamorous for him. He likes it when you make an effort, dress up and want to impress him with your appearance.

You cuddle up with him
Men may not admit it out loud, but they love it when women snuggle into their strong arms. It makes their chosen women feel safe, secure and comfortable.