5 things to do after a break-up to get back on your feet sooner!

Breaking up is never a simple step, no matter which party initiates it. After the end of a relationship, grief is necessary in almost all situations, so it is not a good idea to rush back into the arms of a new partner, especially if the door has not yet been fully closed on the previous one. Such sudden romances, whether they start out as an adventure or a serious affair, usually come to nothing, and in the end the healing time for the psychological wounds can be twice as difficult.

After a breakup, the best step is to focus on ourselves and try to look deep inside ourselves to see what our responsibility was in the relationship that ended. This can also give you a new perspective on the whole love thread and for a possible future relationship, you will surely be a more mature person going into the next one.

Self-care journey
After the end of a relationship, a change of environment will definitely do you good. Pack up your essentials, some clothes, make-up products, a camera, get your documents together and go on a spontaneous trip, get lost in a new country! And if you don’t dare to go alone, or if your state of mind makes you feel safer travelling with a partner, ask a friend or organise a spontaneous trip with a stranger who is as adventurous as you are! You’ll find that in fresh surroundings you’ll be able to shift your focus to the present and process immediate past events more quickly.

New hobbies
Another new challenge is to find a new hobby, which is also great because it can fill up your spare time in a timely manner, while you can also meet new people in a community. Have you always been interested in knitting, love to bake and would you be happy to take a course? Have you always dreamed of becoming a nail technician? It’s time to invest in yourself, do things you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time to do!

Writing in a diary helps you to summarise your thoughts
you can see more clearly and even read them back afterwards, which can be therapeutic after a recent relationship. If you can’t do this at the beginning, drawing and scribbling can be a good way to start. Try to express your emotions, use colours that reflect your spiritual world and don’t pull back the reins when creating if you feel you can only create too abstract a work! Paint, colour or write! The point is to put a piece of your inner world on paper after a painful break-up!

Set your own goals, get to know yourself
find out what you really want! Would you travel for a few years, have you always wanted to live on a boat, or would you like a small cottage in a quiet village community? Be clear about your needs and your vision and take small steps every day! Here, only you matter!

After a break-up, we need to allow ourselves the process of grieving. We must not pretend that nothing has happened, otherwise we make things difficult for ourselves in the long run. What is certain, however, is that we should not think for anyone’s sake that from now on the world will stop and we will never fall in love again. We learn something from every human connection, everyone comes into our lives for a reason, brings lessons and in time certain relationships have to end for growth to occur. And to help you start this learning process, some of the habits we have written can help you too.

New exterior
Changing your appearance after a break-up can also be helpful, for example a new hairstyle or a lifestyle change that affects you externally. Take time to look after your body and renew yourself so that your future partner can see you in your new, confident look. Girlfriends can help with this, so ask for their opinion or support to help you achieve your goals as soon as possible.