Five Tips That Every Self-confident Women Do Differently

they don’t have to emphasize all the time what they can do and have

So yesterday, XY had a coffee with Robbie Williams. Afterwards, she went to this mega-awesome party. It was awesome, especially when you’re invited by men the whole evening because you look so stunning… Well… That was probably due to XY’s insane confidence she found in herself in that yoga seminar. Says XY. What do we say to that? Poor woman! She didn’t find anything. Because women who are really self-confident don’t talk about it. They also don’t talk about how hot they are, that they drink coffee with Robbie Williams or look stunning. They just don’t need to.

They don’t blame themselves for defeats or flaws.

After the all in vacation a few kilos too much? Didn’t have time to put on makeup today? Unfortunately, the order did not go to us today? Who should care, if not us? Self-confident women can cope with defeats and flaws. After all, they belong to them. How could they then be bad?

they do not try to be perfect

Perfectionists have a hard time with themselves. Because humanity in and of itself is not exactly compatible with the demand to be perfect. Self-confident women sometimes let their guard down and don’t get angry with themselves all the time. Then they just laughed very loudly tonight. Then they just had stupid hair. So what?

they surround themselves with people who strengthen them.

Energy vampires are sorted out by self-confident women. Because it’s worth it to surround yourself with great people. The whole thing is then a great upward spiral that you don’t even have to do much for. Because it does a lot to you when you surround yourself with positive people. By the way, this often happens all by itself when you are at peace with yourself. Because like attracts like.

you stand up for yourself

Every woman who stands up for herself stands up for all women. Confident women do it all the time and are not ashamed of it either. They know what they are worth and what they deserve. Be it at work, in a relationship or at the bakery counter. Anyone who treats self-confident women badly meets their inner lioness. And she’s got it going on. ROOOAAAAR!