5 Foods that help prevent hair loss

Foods that prevent hair loss

Our hair is one of our most precious treasures and that is why we love to have it well cared for and styled, but to achieve this most of us use tools that damage it, such as irons and dryers, as well as some chemical products.

Keeping our hair healthy and in perfect condition seems to be a challenge, and although there are products to reverse these damaging effects, there are much more accessible natural products that help us daily to promote their care and beauty. These are foods that restore pigmentation and natural nutrients to the hair. Check them out!


What girl doesn’t hate hair loss? For many of us, our hair falls out frequently, which can be frustrating and uncomfortable. There are several reasons for hair loss, but one of them is a lack of iron in our bodies and blood. Spinach contains this mineral that helps our hair follicles to be healthy and strong. Iron helps the blood, and good blood circulation helps hair to be more resistant and not fall out uncontrollably. Have you seen how many benefits? So… let’s eat spinach!


It is well known that Omega 3 has multiple benefits for our body, as it not only protects our heart and blood pressure, but also prevents cancer, among many other functions. One of these is to restore shine and strength to our hair. The nutrients and fat in fish moisturize our hair from the root, and at the same time it promotes its rapid growth and prevents hair loss.


Like spinach, banana contains vitamins and minerals that reduce hair dryness, thus reducing the likelihood of hair loss. It also works to soften it, giving it better shedding and movement.


They are rich in oils that fight brittle hair. They work with elastin, which is the protein that gives your hair elasticity and thus prevents it from weakening and falling out. This oil is so effective, that if used in excess it can make your hair straight.


If you want your hair to grow quickly, it’s time to start adding lemons, oranges, grapefruit and all fruits rich in vitamin C.