6 signs you’re in the wrong relationship

How can you be sure it’s better to withdraw before you willingly bury your soul?

How do you know when you love a man? You just feel it. When you’re together, you float. You’re lost without him. You can’t see yourself living without him. You enjoy every time he walks in the door, when he writes, when he calls, when he kisses you, when he touches you. You worry when he goes away for a long trip or if he’s late home. You fall asleep smiling when he holds you. When he suffers, a part of your soul dies. When he’s happy, you rejoice with him. But if he’s not the one to be your chosen one, your lover, your husband, how do you know that? How can you be sure it’s better to retire before you willingly bury your soul? Here are some signs.

You are not happy
They say a man’s strength is seen in the size of the smile on the woman next to him. Does your face and heart smile when you’re on his arm? When you meet your girlfriends do they tell you that you’re laughing or ask you why you’re sad? When everything is going well and you don’t miss anything, but you’re still not happy, it means that the emptiness is in your soul.

You’re indifferent
In the beginning, every relationship brings with it emotions. It’s nice to discover the other person and they discover you. Even if it wasn’t a love at first sight, you still find the closeness exciting. Maybe you’ve been single for a long time and needed someone, maybe he’s been very insistent, the fact is that things have moved quickly and now you can’t help but wonder if you’re heading in the right direction. If you don’t enjoy his presence anymore or even if it bothers you, if you prefer to be alone rather than spending time together, if you still feel the same when he smiles at another woman, it means that the love is gone or never was.

You catch yourself thinking about others
You’re reminded more and more of the good times with your ex-boyfriend, you’re attracted to a new colleague at work, you smile when a stranger invites you for coffee. Later you remember that you still have a boyfriend. Basically, you feel like you’re single and available, looking for happiness. Which means you haven’t found it yet.

You never miss him
When he tells you he’s going away for a few days, you breathe a sigh of relief. When you go somewhere without him, you’d never come back. You don’t miss talking to him, you don’t want to hear his voice, and if he calls you, you can’t wait to talk to him. He tells you that he misses you and you answer without any reluctance: “me too”, even though you know he doesn’t. When you have to wear a mask in your relationship with your partner so as not to hurt him, you are playing a role in your own life. You have to have the courage to let go.

It scares you to plan together
Do you feel uncomfortable when he talks about the house you will live in 10 years from now, about the holiday he wants to go on with you? If you know your presence in his life is temporary, don’t let him make plans, it’s not fair to either of you. And it’s not fair to you to think that maybe in 10 years it will be better.

You find fault with everything he does
Even if he’s affectionate, even if he gives you gifts, surprises, even if you have nothing to reproach him with, something still bothers you. Sometimes with his mere presence. When you argue, you provoke him, you raise the ball to him, instead of settling the conflict. Because, deep down, the thought that you might fight irrevocably actually makes you feel relieved. So that you don’t make each other’s life an ordeal, let go and seek happiness!