10 Signs That Your Partner Really Loves You

Looks at you for a long time
When you look at him, do you often catch him staring at you? That’s a good sign!

He hugs you often
If he’s looking for reasons to be as close to you as possible and to hug you often and for a long time, then you should be happy. Hugs are the most important sign that your lover cares about you.

Makes you smile
Smiling is our way of telling the world that we are fulfilled and happy.

If your partner always wants to see you smiling or laughing, he or she understands that sometimes happiness is the quickest way to a woman’s heart.

If your partner always wants to see you smiling or laughing, he or she understands that sometimes happiness is the quickest way to a woman’s heart.

So, if he makes every effort to bring a smile to your face, you are probably more important than his own happiness.

He offers everything without expecting anything in return
Just as parents give their best and dearest to their children, so do those who love each other sacrifice everything in a selfless way.

If your lover is among those who feel content when they see that you are happy, this is a clear sign that they love you. Maybe even more… than you do.

And here we don’t just mean when he gives you things, but when he gives you his hoodie on a cool evening so you don’t get cold. Small gestures, big meaning!

He is patient with you
There are some people who lose patience faster than others. However, the level of patience we have also depends on the actions of the person who pushes us beyond our limits. If your lover really loves you, no matter how much you exasperate him, he will manage, at least towards you, to be diplomatic and keep his cool.

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Cherish the time he spends with you
Obviously we can’t spend all the time in the world with our partner. In fact, it is even recommended not to do so… for the health of our couple.

However, when we are in love and love a person intensely, we want to be with them as much as possible. So, if you see that your lover appreciates the time you spend together, that means he or she feels a lot for you.

Gives you unconditional support
It’s completely normal for partners in a couple to have different points of view. Even though he may not agree with you, if your partner supports and encourages you in everything you say and do… it means that he loves you and wants the best for you.

Teases you
Relationship specialists believe that teasing and imitating your partner is the sincerest form of unconditional attachment.

If you see him start to imitate certain gestures or even “steal” certain sayings that only you say… it means that he is unloved by you and that you are dear to him.

Sees a future for you both
The moment he talks about the future, you are there… first. Also, before he makes important decisions that may affect your relationship, he makes sure he talks to you and asks for your opinion. If he does these things… yes, you really matter to him. And yes, he really loves you!