5 tricks that will make a man run after you

Some women have no trouble attracting men – their relationships come easily and naturally, and men are always crazy about them. This is due to certain tricks that make representatives of the stronger physical contact literally lose their heads. What are these tricks?

Trick #1: Unfulfilled callback promise
A dose of unavailability always arouses the interest and desire of men, and they start striving even harder to find out the “secret” of the unavailable woman. Yes, the mystery of the beautiful but closed lady usually intrigues and makes them act. One of the tricks that will help you captivate a man is to use a minimum of communication.

Such a trick works mostly with men who already have certain feelings for the lady. If she promises that she will call, but accidentally “forgets” about her promise, usually in such a situation the enthusiastic man waits with trepidation for her call. And when he does not receive it, he himself decides to contact the object of his passion. Simultaneously, questions like, “Did I manage to intrigue her enough? Maybe I should be kinder, more assertive, more po…?” In any case, such a trick will give a new impetus to the relationship and prompt the man to become more active. Of course, it should not be applied very often, because then it can have the opposite effect.

Trick #2: Wear red for him
Naturally, red clothing is not a guarantee that a man will run after a woman, but it plays an important role in attracting attention. According to statistics, ladies who often wear red things or use accessories in this color get more invitations for dates. For this reason, having red clothes in the wardrobe is in itself a prerequisite for success with the stronger physical contact.

You should also not forget about choosing the right outfits and accessories that suit your style. It is also important not to overdo the red to avoid “drifting” into vulgarity.

Trick #3: Demonstrate interest in the man
Nothing attracts men like curiosity. We automatically separate from the crowd those who show interest and desire to interact with us, deeming interaction with them more pleasant and safe. In communicating with a man, you can do the same, but it’s important not to overdo it so you don’t seem pushy and tactless.

You can think about what common themes you have, analyze his interests. Then start communication, and this should be done gradually – talk a little with him, choosing abstract topics for conversation.

Trick #4: Popularity and recognition
Another trick to get a man’s attention is popularity. Popular women are always on the radar and constantly in the thick of things, hence men pay more attention to them.

In order to become popular, it is enough to have an open character as well as meet new people as often as possible. This will not only attract the attention of the desired man, but also help a woman to raise her own self-esteem, psychologists say.

Trick #5: Respect his interests
Many people focus only on their own interests without considering the opinion of the interlocutor. In relationships with the opposite physical contact, this is a gross mistake that can spoil everything. You need to carefully observe the man’s reaction and learn to distinguish the nuances of his mood.

If you see that he is reluctant to discuss a topic, it is better to turn the conversation in another direction. This is a simple gesture of respect to the interlocutor, which he will surely appreciate.

You should also not forget your attractiveness – if you want to make a man run after you, then you should always look your best. Flirting and self-confidence can add charm to a lady, and openness and humor will help her win over even the most indifferent man!