4 Signs He’s Head Over Heels In Love With You

How you can tell a man is in love with you even though he doesn’t tell you.

While you’re dreaming of the Handsome Fat Man in the story, chances are there’s a man next to you who truly loves you for exactly who and what you are. Here are five signs that a man is in love with you even though he doesn’t tell you.

He tries to find different ways to converse with you
The easiest way to get someone’s emotional attention is through conversation. Even if it’s just a quick conversation, a person who is in love with you is happy to be noticed.

She also wants to get to know you better on a personal level and can only do this by engaging in conversation.

His day lights up as soon as you’re around
People who are in love only have eyes for the person they adore. So when you see someone’s face light up when you arrive, it’s a sign that they’re in love with you.

Your mere presence magnetizes him and he seems to melt even if he’s in the middle of a conversation. His smile radiates like that of a child who’s been given a chocolate.

He overwhelms you with small tokens of love
A man who loves you makes an effort to find out the things that can make you smile or be happy. He may send you flowers or other little things that can bring a smile to your lips.

Is always there for you
He doesn’t care that it’s 3am when you call him just to cry on his shoulder. In fact, it makes him very happy to be the first person that comes to mind when you want to ask someone for help.