8 Things you should not change for your beau

Forget about changing because your beau asks you to, stay true to yourself!
Changing your personality to satisfy someone else, like your beau, is one of the most common mistakes when you’re in a relationship. Don’t do it!

Your dreams

How many times have you heard that one of your BF’s didn’t participate in the casting of the play or didn’t want to study acting or modeling… because her beau forbade her to do so! Don’t let anyone steal your dreams, you are the only one who decides.

Your physique

Neither your weight, nor your hair, nor your clothes, no characteristic that identifies you deserves to be changed by your boyfriend’s comments. If he doesn’t like something, remind him that this is who you are and you don’t have to please him.

What you eat

As long as they are healthy dishes that nourish you and that you love, neither these nor the amount you eat should be a reason for criticism. Don’t pretend you hate chicken wings just because he doesn’t like them, zero!

Your friends

Never abandon your friends because you are stuck with your beau. Don’t put them off, don’t cancel dates with them because your guy thought of making plans with you at the last minute. Friends are unconditional allies, don’t leave them to please your beau. Got it?

Your personality

There’s nothing better than being an original girl and staying true to your beliefs and thoughts. Be proud and fight for what you want, despite the criticism. And if in the battle for your dreams your boyfriend is the first one to discourage or boycott you… then forget about him.

Going out with your family

Between the math test, the chemistry presentation and the teamwork, you have not coincided with your parents, so when you have the opportunity to spend time with them do not waste it to be with your boyfriend, first enjoy your family!

Your values

If you feel like helping the old lady who sells bread on the corner, the man who asks for money outside the church or you are dying to adopt a kitten from the street, do it! Don’t stop just because your beau doesn’t have those kinds of details.

Your honesty

Pretending that you like your beau’s BF perfectly and that you love her… it’s lazy! If you don’t like her you don’t have to be rude to her, but it’s also not cool to make your boyfriend think that you and the girl get along amazingly.