How and when a man falls in love and begins to love

Yes, as strange as it may sound, men know how to love. When they fall in love for real, they experience a whole range of emotions.

How does this happen?
Of course, we can simplify everything and just talk about a set of bodily hormones that enter into mechanical processes, dismissing arguments about sincere love. But we won’t.

Imagine how grey and bleak the world would be if they /the arguments for strong love/ were gone. So let’s talk about love in the real sense.

The man falls in love…
This process directly depends on the psychological age of the man, his mood for life and emotional state.

Male psychology is different from female. There is a quite true thesis that says “a woman must need, and a man must be needed”.

By uncovering this concept, we will discover the secret of a happy relationship as well as the basic principle of falling in love.

A man, meeting a desirable object, finds in it the whole range of emotions. First, it is passion. A woman must attract and be desired, while these are not always only external factors, most often men are attracted to her behavior and character.

In order for a man to fall in love with a woman, he must first notice her, but at the same time not be afraid of her pressure. Secondly, in order for the relationship not to end in mere sympathy but to turn into love, the man must be comfortable communicating with the woman he likes, she must meet his requirements of tact, cleanliness and sociality.

And thirdly, the man must feel the woman’s attitude towards him. This is not always obvious, but if in a series of actions and conversations he is able to discern the hidden message “I need someone like you”, it will make him fall hard in love.

A man in love
The very rush of hormones inspires and beautifies the picture of the surrounding world. The object of adoration becomes ideal, and all the attendant life factors become unimportant. During this period, the man makes fewer mistakes and dreams of a new happy life, but … love is not always born from this stage.

The man loves
This is a completely different state. The hallmark of a loving man is the manifestation of need. His mind is formed around the thought “my wife needs me”, such a message gives him new strength and he can manifest his manhood as a show of love for her. It is quite simple, if he loves you – he will not leave you in a difficult situation, no matter what happens. He may not give you enough time, he may be rude or selfish, but he will always show concern for your problem.

Unfortunately, we all have to go through some pretty dramatic events in our lives. Sometimes staying close to our loved ones for a lifetime is a great luxury.

But rest assured that the feelings a man has felt next to his beloved woman, he will never forget.