Men cover up: How to make him show his true intentions

You can find out what a man is hiding in his heart, no matter how mysteriously he behaves. There’s always a way to get him to show his true feelings, say psychologists. If you want to find out if he’s really in love or just fooling you, use these proven techniques.

When you think of the man you are in love with and who you hope is in love with you , your heart speeds up and your cheeks flush. That’s right – tender feelings (it doesn’t matter at all whether you’ve known each other for a day or for many years) provoke us to subconsciously seek to know what this person feels for us. Representatives of the stronger physical contact rarely show their feelings, especially tender ones, therefore, to force a man to betray what is in his heart, you will have to use a few feminine tricks.

Without trust there is no love
For a man, the main thing is trust, so psychologists advise to work in this direction. This will allow the man to feel that you show genuine interest in his personality. Be interested in his dreams, life plans and problems. React to his words openly, without flattery and pretence. It is very important for a man to feel comfortable around you so that he is not afraid to open up and share his own feelings.

No one likes a critic
It is necessary to show the man that you are ready to listen to him and that his thoughts will not be ridiculed by you. Assure him that you will not criticize, ridicule or judge him. Your task is to achieve trust and reduce the distance between you. And then the man will be able to talk to you about anything in the world without fear of encountering ridicule or hostility.

Free birds do not like cages, even golden ones
One of the most common mistakes women make is putting pressure on the man. Representatives of the stronger physical contact do not like it when their freedom is encroached upon and personal space invaded. It is important to act gently and gently, without pressuring and nagging. Remove his soul with cotton – let him ask to be your “captive” himself. Because, it will happen for sure, you just have to play your cards right. Be patient and unobtrusive, in time he will share everything with you and will not be able to breathe without you. A woman who constantly and aggressively takes the initiative into her own hands scares men.

Don’t be the stalker Rose from “Two and a Half Men”
A woman who constantly wants to be close to a man in the hope that he will open his soul to her only achieves the man’s desire to get away from her as soon as possible. Representatives of the stronger physical contact do not like very much to be conquered by women, rather they want the opposite – they want to be in the role of the pursuers. Do not deny them this pleasure. Don’t pursue the man – as soon as he is ready to tell you something important, he will certainly call, write, arrange a meeting.

If something worries you – share it with the man
Ask the man the question that worries you. Nothing terrible will happen if you ask him about something directly. If you are very afraid of his reaction, be honest with him and admit your feelings first. This will help him take a step forward or back. This will allow you to clarify the secret.

Give him time
Sometimes a man needs time to weigh everything and figure out what he wants. And this approach really works. Of course, there’s still the possibility that the man just doesn’t know how to show his feelings and therefore doesn’t reveal them. You need to help him, guide him – discreetly, kindly, with tact. That he does not make amorous explanations does not mean that he is indifferent to you. Always remember this so that you don’t create wrong attitudes that will ruin your relationship.

There are many ways to help a man start confiding in you his secrets and showing his feelings. But honesty will always remain the main secret of success.

Be honest with the man and open to his feelings.