6 signs you’ve met your match

When you meet your chosen one, you just know, says Toni Payne. You know at first sight. Every aspect of your life , including yourself, will blossom making you realize it was worth the wait. Every moment turns into a miracle. Here are six signs that you’ve finally met your chosen one.

You remember the exact date you met
You meet thousands of people in a lifetime. But because meeting your chosen one is special, you can’t forget this date. You enjoy remembering this moment over and over again.

Giving up something important just to be with him
Maybe you’re planning to attend an important event, but you’re willing to give it up and choose to spend time with him instead. You do this because your heart tells you that if you let this opportunity pass you by, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Your day brightens the moment you see him
Your day could have gone like any other day, with the same people, doing the same things. But when your chosen one shows up, you marvel at his presence and feel the day brighten.

Spend less time with friends
Your friends are important in your life. They are with you in your happy and troubled times. But you won’t hesitate to give up the time you intended to spend with them to be with your chosen one.

Your friends support you
Your friends know you very well. They know when something or someone means a lot to you and they support you. They rejoice for the happiness in your life.

You have no regrets about spending your life with them
When you marry the right person, you won’t regret this decision for a single day. Even if ups and downs occur, regrets have no place in your heart.

Nothing lasts in this world. You may lose your chosen one someday but what matters is that you made the right decision to keep the person close to you and never stopped loving them.