We all want to find our soulmate, that person next to whom we can build a romantic relationship based on true love, respect, maturity, and freedom, that person next to whom we can feel safe, catch our wings, and not be afraid to expose our vulnerabilities. But what if we meet her and, by our behaviour, push her away? Here are some harmful habits that drive our loved ones away from us.

Complaining often – victimization
Sure, each of us faces some grievances daily, and we have fears and unpleasantness, but it is challenging when someone complains non-stop next to us.

There is practically no room left for beautiful experiences, for enjoying each other, because the atmosphere always spoils. One of the partners always seems overwhelmed by the situation and exposes himself helplessly.

It isn’t easy to help such a person; eventually, tolerance doesn’t work either.

Constant discontent
Some people never seem to be satisfied. No matter how beautiful and full of small joys life is, these people always have something to complain about; in a negative sense, of course, they are always dissatisfied and point out the empty side of the glass without noticing the other good things in their life.

These people create a hostile atmosphere that most people will eventually try to escape.

A little pessimism is natural for anyone, but when it is exaggerated, situations become unpleasant, as with all exaggeration.

We all need a little hope, and so does our partner. An optimistic atmosphere is often better than a pessimistic one. The former is motivating and energizing. That’s why suspicious people tend to stay lonely, alienating loved ones and friends with this attitude.

Criticism never ends
Some people are overly critical of others’ actions and behaviour. Sometimes they even become nagging. The problem is that criticism must not be exaggerated to be constructive, and it must be done gently, sounding more like advice than observation.

In couples where one partner is overly critical of the other, the end of the relationship slowly sets in. Criticism drives people apart and doesn’t necessarily help them become better people.

You are trying to manipulate your partner.
Some people keep trying to change their partner, not with another partner, but with another person’s behaviour. They want them to behave differently, especially how they want them to, and sometimes these people may try to manipulate the other person. But constant violation of the other person’s wishes and freedoms, however, justified, will lead to the end of the relationship. Such a situation may even feel abusive to the partner.