The Facial Expression Of The Man: That Is Behind It

Understanding facial expressions correctly is one of the higher consecrations when a woman tries to decipher a man’s body language. Understanding a smile is usually not that difficult, but some facial expressions are quite tricky: If, for example, he briefly presses his lips together and pulls them inwards after a sentence, caution is called for! He may be lying at that moment. If, on the other hand, he tends to thrust his chin forward, he wants to appear particularly masculine and self-confident to you. Much more can be read from his looks than from his facial expressions.

He avoids your looks
This does not mean anything good. Either he has something to hide or he’s just bored with you.

His pupils are dilated
Yes, the eye is also part of the man’s body language! If he is interested you can see how his eyes or especially his pupils are getting bigger and bigger. There the saying “Look me in the eyes, little one” immediately gets a completely different meaning.

He looks at you from above or from below.
Both should evoke a negative feeling in you. The former indicates defensiveness and an arrogant attitude towards you. The latter, on the other hand, shows that he feels uncomfortable in your presence.

He’s eating you up with his looks.
Sorry to be so blunt about it, but this man wants you! A few small gestures from you and he jumps at you like a mangy poodle. If you want that too, go ahead and play along. Otherwise, stay away from him.

Closeness and distance: this is what it means in a man.
How close we let someone get to us depends on type and is also partly culturally instilled. Nevertheless, the body language of a man by proximity and distance is relatively easy to see through: Mostly, the principle applies that closeness is an expression of interest and affection. However, if he clearly retreats when you come close to him, the reverse is true: He probably feels that you are falling short of his “safe distance” – and he apparently does not want this.

Frequent fleeting touches on his part usually indicate a strong interest, because only in rare cases are they due to carelessness. Again, it’s basically about closeness and distance: whoever touches you wants to be close to you. As a rule, this is true for us girls as well. But other touches are also interesting in terms of a man’s body language: if he touches himself, for example, by stroking his temple or through his hair, this is a positive sign because you are obviously making him nervous. After all, we know ourselves for what reasons we constantly run our hands through our hair….

A man’s body language reveals a lot about him: even small signals can have a big effect – especially if you can read them. If you observe your counterpart carefully, you can in most cases quite quickly assess whether he is interested in you or not. Of course, everyone’s body language is different, and what you might interpret as disinterest is just his shyness after all. So do not give up immediately if the body language of man should not signal at first sight infatuation.