After a longer period of time, when the euphoria of beginning and falling in love fades, you may feel like your love relationship is coming to an end.

For 99% of us, life has its ups and downs.
Periods of excitement alternate with those when we feel lacking in energy or confidence. The same thing happens in relationships. Some days are cloudy, some stormy, some grey, some sunny. And after a longer period of time, when the euphoria of beginnings and infatuation fades, you may feel that your love relationship is coming to an end. Don’t rush to conclusions or take action. You may still have a lot of work to do in your current relationship, or you may have work to do on yourself.

If the main reason you end a relationship is because you meet someone else who makes you feel “alive”, as your current partner once made you feel, you will probably end up in this situation again in the future. The euphoria and joy of life must come from within you, not from without. Infatuation doesn’t last forever.

If you find that you have too many arguments
think that in all couples there are arguments. The difference between the ones that last and the ones that fall apart is how they handle these moments of crisis. You just need to learn how to do it. You certainly can.

If you’re unhappy that physical contact has become boring or predictable
think about the fact that in physical contact, as in other human interactions, we need to find ways to keep the flame alive. All it takes is to become a little more creative and not let yourself get overwhelmed by routine.

If your relationship turns from a colour movie into a black and white one
remember that you can always buy a new TV. Maybe the things that used to excite you and happen to you are gone. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be brought back to life or replaced with something more interesting. Over time, both you and it change.

Before you make the decision to end a relationship, remember that physical contact can be rekindled, physical contact can be rediscovered, and depression can be treated. A long-term relationship has many seasons. Don’t interpret the fact that your infatuation has passed as a disaster but as a mystery to explore and an opportunity to discover yourself.