4 Signs That You Have Found The Love Of Your Life

Your sweetheart is the first name that pops into your head when something fun has happened
You know, when something really fun happens and you just have to tell someone and your darling’s name is the first thing that pops into your head. Then you know.

This text from blog will make you cry
“I’m terrified of the day I lose him. The day we are old and grey and one of us passes away. Or if something happens and we lose each other sooner than that. I don’t think everything just ends the day we die, but what if we don’t find each other after that?”

… “I think about how fast the years go by, how much I love the man lying next to me with his legs wrapped around mine, and how I want this to never end.”

You both want the same things in life
It’s not about whether you both like the same flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. But do you like the same things? For real? Do you both feel “Oh, this is the life” when you do things together? Do you both value a night at home over a night out, or does the other sit on the couch sighing at the instastory of party pools?

You trust each other
Trusting someone is about more than just togetherness. It’s about being able to count on someone, at all times. If the person you love is also your rock in life, you’ve found your home in love.

Are you starting to have doubts about whether you and your partner are right for each other and thinking about breaking up?